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A rearin’ good time.

on July 14, 2017

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday. I was talking to my neighbor today and mentioned that it was Tuesday and she corrected me to Thursday. Thank goodness, amIright?!

Didn’t have a chance to pop in yesterday, so I thought I would catch up with some highlights.

*Worked with the neighbors horse yesterday. Horse is very close to her stall mate. Took horse a good distance away from her. Horse tried to throw me. Twice. Didn’t work. Sorry, Horse 😉

*It was HOT already so Brooke asked to play in the trampoline with the sprinkler under it. Fully clothed, so, you know, she didnt get to cold!


*Rode the trainer for 30 minutes. *Practiced my mtn bike (lack of) skills for 30 minutes. Within 2 minutes of coming in, it started pouring.

(Side note: Trying to brain by hair so it doesnt end up in a rat’s nest whenever I mtn bike!) (Second side note: LOVE my Smith Mountain helmet!)


*We spent the rest of the evening playing inside. Brooke set up quite the battle. Good strategy if you ask me.


*Jasper worked on his guard dog duties by stalking the cows.




Result of STORMING. Yikes.


Once Ken got home, we tried to watch SUITS but couldnt get it to live stream (we cancel cable in the summer because we are mostly outside!). Dont worry, it is up on their website today! Date night plans 😉 Watched White Collar instead. I have a feeling I will be getting the two confused.


Started the morning off working the the Horse again. She was much better today and we even headed out on the road for a bit to work on her gaits.

Post (horse) ride, Brooke and I got our stuff together and we headed into town to hit up the BMX park. I totally forgot about it and thought it would be a fun way to ride with her! It was CLOSED. Double sad face. Apparently, there are races on Thursdays and insurance issues. We rode around for a bit before heading on to do our other errands. Lesson learned, we will head back next week (on a day that is NOT Thursday).

Once home (and groceries unloaded), we grabbed a snack and hung out for a bit. I tried to get her to do a jogger run with me but she opted to play with her toys instead. Apparently, I wore her out in town 😉 I SLOWLY jogged 2 miles. Kind of glad she didn’t want to go! It was still a little bit painful on the IT Bands after last Saturday’s race. Working back into running after a steep race is HARD! Aiming to get a long run and ride in this weekend (the legs should LOVE that).

Took the pup with me. It was 88 degrees and HOT. I remembered water. I had one sip and it was empty when we got home. Between pouring it on both of us and giving him drinks, I am gonna need to take more water!


The calves and Achilles are still a little stiff, so I am sexily wearing these with a sundress. I’m sure Ken wont be able to keep his hands off me. BHAHAHAHAHAH.


That’s the haps over here! Looking forward to Friday-ing pretty hard tomorrow. Lot’s of things to try to get done before the weekend. Hoping to pop in and tell ya all about it 😉

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