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I did it. I signed up. And Sleeping on the Floor.

on July 11, 2017

Howdy, Tuesday people! Does it feel like Thursday to anyone else? We sure got spoiled with that 3 day week for 4th of July!

Yesterday afternoon we got some MUCH needed rain (and thunder and lightning). Since it was storming outside, Brooke thought it would be a good plan to bust out some trains!

We built quite the city.


We were treated to a gorgeous rainbow as the storm passed! It was completely across the sky and by the time I grabbed my camera, it had already started to fade!


When Ken got home, we had some dinner and did some hanging out in the living room. His quads are still super tender, so naturally Brooke just wanted to jump on them. He figured this was a safer position since she couldn’t use her full body weight to destroy him 😉


Then she decided that she was a cat. Perfect.


Once B was ready for bed (or so we thought), Ken tucked her in and we headed to the basement to try to spin some of the running race out of our legs. Easy pedaling for 43 minutes (you know, the length of a White Collar episode). We opted to hop in the hot tub after (trying everything over here! 😉 ).

Before we headed to bed, we stopped in to check on Brooke. Apparently her floor is a far superior place to sleep than her bed.


This morning, Brooke and I did some quality playing and letter writing. I got a little work done while she played and then she did some online pre-school while I spun in the basement for 30 minutes. Once I was warmish (still decently sore), I grabbed my mountain bike and she grabbed her strider and we played in the yard for about 35 minutes. She also enjoyed the sprinkler under her trampoline.  I have made it my goal to get on my mountain bike for at least 20 minutes a day to work on getting more comfortable with it.

This is what it looks like when you ride around your yard for 35 minutes….


And this is what my hair looks like after riding my mountain bike. Must start doing something with it before I ride. That is going to take a while to brush out!


And this is what I have been living in for 2 days. Hello, compression pants! I am going to tell myself that they are making the soreness disappear faster.


Because the best time to sign up for a race is when you cant walk down the stairs like a normal person…


Yes, that would be 50 miles of mountain biking followed by 26.2 miles of running on a Saturday/Sunday respectively. Yes, I am going to die. But hopefully it is awesome! #bucketlist And yes, this is why I must now ride my mountain bike everyday. Because otherwise, things will be really ugly!!

That’s about all the excitement here today. Time to finish up the laundry and do some grading (and figure out what is for dinner!!).

Have a lovely evening!

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