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All the Workouts and Random Monday Faves

on July 10, 2017

What.a.weekend. Whew. It.was.amazing.

This weekend, Ken’s sister (Errin) and her husband (Colin)…(Aside: Can I call him my bother-in-law? That technicality gets me! He is Ken’s brother-in-law….but my….?? Yeah, I got nothing)  came to visit! They made it up to our house on Friday evening in time for some dinner and hanging out (and staying up way too late 😉 ).

On Saturday morning, I woke up looking like this:


Unfortunately, we had to drag our booties out of bed to have some breakfast before heading out to run up a mountain. On Friday, Ken helped to race promoter fix his bike tire and was given a free entry, so he was going to brave the race as well (Pretty sure he ran once about 3 months ago. ha.).

We left the house just after 8 and made it to Columbine with plenty of time to warm up and stretch and such before the start. Huge thanks to Colin and Errin for watching Brooke while we had so much fun suffering.

Sooooo the race looked like this…


The gun went off at 9:30 and we started on our merry way. Even without training, Ken is a MUCH faster runner than I am. And since his motto is: there are no friends on race day…we went our separate ways. 😉 The course was HARD. That is a lot of vertical in a short amount of time.

The first mile was pretty good and I was able to run that one. After that, it became more of a speed hike/jog/run the (very few) flattish sections. There was some rocky terrain and some silty dirt. The last bit was up a decent section of extremely loose rock and some snow. It was SKETCH! The final section is a 360 degree view of the whole valley. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what that was like. I couldn’t look. The vertigo (hello fear of heights) was a real thing and it was combined with being in the red after running up to the peak. You can bet that I stared at the ground as I got off that peak as fast as I could.

Coming down the mountain was a whole lot faster than going up. I actually really like running down steep technical sections of train and I was able to pass a few guys on my way down. The bottom of the descent flattened out a bit and I lost a little time there, but man was I happy to see that finish line!!

Ken finished in just over 1:09:40 and I came in at 1:26:16. We were both pretty happy with our times. Ken ended up 11th male (and 11th overall) and I finished 11th female.

A friend of ours was on course taking pics. I was pretty excited to see her 😉

hahns peak

Post race, we headed home for some lunch and a change in our attire. After loading up the truck, Ken, Colin, Errin and Jasper set off on a 16 mile mountain bike ride. Jasper was in HEAVEN getting to go with them! Since the trails are not quite conducive to trailer life, Brooke and I stuck to the dirt rode in the area. Ken’s legs had to have felt like lead. Mine were pretty tired and I just pulled her for an hour!


Had to stop to hang with the Alpacas.



Since their mountain bike ride took a bit longer than our ride, we got a chance to do some hiking/bug catching while we waited. It was awesome!


Made it home just in time for dinner and a hot tub!

On Sunday (I somehow have NO pictures from Sunday), we started the morning a little slower.

Breakfast (with bacon!), Moana and loading up vehicles before Errin and I set off to the bottom of Howelsen Hill. We set of for a lap of the Stinger mountain bike course. It was HOT and my legs were not quite so excited about the efforts after the race on Saturday. It was a bit of a stugglefest for me (Errin just rode straight up and down and back up the mountain, no biggie). About mile 15, I pretty much cracked. Learned a few lessons and need to get on my mountain bike more!


We met the guys at the car and grabbed to kiddo so they could head out on their ride. Changed into some new clothes and ventured for some LUNCH and cold drinks and shop-seeing. That’s kind of like sight seeing, but for shopping, right?

We made it back to the vehicles with enough time to get our swim suits on before the guys arrived back. Fun fact: Ken hadnt run at ALL before the race Saturday. He was STRUGGLING to walk around. And stairs…dont even mention them. Even fun(ner) fact: today it is worse. For both of us. Ouch!

When everyone finished suiting up, we shuttled and dropped our tubes into the Yampa River for about an hour and a half of floating down the river. It felt GLORIOUS after the hot rides and walking around. Finished up the evening with some Mexican food and collapsing into bed!

This morning started off with Ken and I both wondering if our legs would be able to hold our body weight went we rolled out of bed. Just barely.

He headed out to work while we had breakfast and said our goodbyes to E and C (we hope they will come back soon!). What an incredible weekend. So full and so fun!

Giving the legs a break from running and the trailer today, but hoping for an easy spin on the trainer tonight with Ken. If we can make it down the stairs to the basement 😉

Since I didn’t have any Friday faves for you last week, I thought I would pop in with some “Fave Things Errin Brought to Try”!

Olive Tampenade


This looks kind of divine and I cant wait to bust it open! Better keep it away from my kid 😉

Maca-Berry Kombucha


Maybe the best way to my heart. I tried to save some for later, but just couldnt. It was amazeballs.

Ginger Tumeric Tea


Two of my favorite things put together. Can’t wait to try this one! Maybe it will rain and cool off today and I can justify a hot drink!

This plate of goodness.


Pesto Gouda and Prosciutto. You guys. This is what my 4 year old begs for as a snack. We are in big trouble. At least she shares. 😉



Okay, not what you think. I typically struggle with drinking while working out….but…yesterday I drank almost my entire Camelbak bladder of water! And yet, I still thought I was going to die. Good times!

That is about all of the excitement from over here this weekend. We are all exhausted and excited for a few work days to recover from our adventurous weekend! I hope that you had a good one as well and get some rest today!

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