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Fabulous Friday. Please Bring Rain.

on July 7, 2017

Hi All! I hope you are celebrating Friday with big old happy dance. This whole 3 day week was pretty nice, yeah?

Before we jump into the last couple of days, check out this pic from Ken’s Big Ride last weekend. He sent me this from lunch. Now I want pizza. Thanks, Ken. Looks too good.


Yesterday got a little busy trying to fit everything in so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and type. I fell asleep on the couch pretending to watch White Collar with the husband. Couldn’t keep my eyes open.

The morning started out with a nice 5 mile run. It drives me nuts when my watch says 5.02 yet Strava keeps it at 4.9 miles. Nuts, I tell you! Kept it pretty easy and enjoyed the cool air.


Came home to breakfast and my kiddo pointing out our guest. The funniest thing is, Jasper was just off to the left barking at some cows. Didn’t even see this guy! Some watch dog I have!



We spent the morning over at the neighbor’s playing horses. All of the photo cred goes to Brooke. She is becoming quite my little photog. Thank goodness for digital.




Feels so good to be riding again!

The other important people in her life.


After we got cleaned up, Brooke and I headed into town to hit up the grocery. We may have eaten ice cream sandwiches on the way home (before lunch=mother of the year?) and she managed to get it ALL over her face. Looks good, Brooke.


This morning, we got to spend some more time riding (and my neighbor hopped on too!). We have been cleaning up a bit as we have company coming in tonight. Woohoo!!

Managed to not kill this planter yet!


Managed to talk the kid into a short ride this afternoon. She brought the camera and shared this shot with me. Seriously, better than most of mine.


We are looking at clouds and hearing thunder….I wish it would just rain here. SOOOOO dry right now. Not helping the fire situation!


Tomorrow I am lacing up the shoes (and the husband is too?!?!) to do a 7.3 miles hill climb. 2000 feet of vert in less than 4 miles. Sounds fun, yeah? I’ll let you know if I live 😉 Apparently there are donuts after. I’m in.

Have a wonderful weekend!

One response to “Fabulous Friday. Please Bring Rain.

  1. Rene Benesh says:

    SO enjoy reading your “goings on”!! Love the pictures, too!! 🙂

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