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Recovering from the Holiday Weekend.

on July 5, 2017

Hi there! I hope that you had a spectacular 4th of July. So thankful for the people who have served and are currently serving our country. Freedom is so much more than freedom.

Ken kicked off the holiday with a ride in town with a friend. Brooke and I took it upon ourselves to relax around the house 😉 Oh and to prep everything so that as soon as Ken got home, we could put the roofs on!!


I might have been more excited that Brooke. 😉

Post lunch, we got our stuff together and headed to Pearl Lake for some paddle boarding. It was wonderful to get out on the water and away from some of the heat. We got in about 2.25 miles of paddling with a side of laying in the middle of that lake while Brooke fished. It was incredible. Jasper came on my board and Brooke chilled with Ken.


On the way home, Ken surprised us with a stop at the Clark Store for some ice cream. It was diving!


When we got home, I was quick to change my clothes and set out for about an hour and 20 minutes of easy spinning. My long run legs were excited about it 😉 It was pretty warm, but the roughest part was the smoke from the fire that continues to rage just over the hill from us.


I spent the rest of the evening watching a movie with Brooke (we were both exhausted!) and then grading. Dream big.

This morning started off with some horseback riding! It has literally been 15 plus years since I have ridden. My neighbor has a gorgeous horse who has had a lot of training, but hadnt been ridden in 2 years. Because she is older, she wasnt keen on being the first to hop on her, so I volunteered. She was amazing and I am looking forward to round two tomorrow!

After Brooke got in a little riding around the corral, we came home to finish breakfast (okay, coffee) and get to work on some finishing touches!

Check out those top window triangles. I am seriously getting good at this thing! The only thing left….that slide! So so so close to being done!!!


The rest of the day has been pretty exciting. Lots of laundry and dishes and putting sheets on beds. Riveting, yeah? A whole lot of grading to work on tonight. Maybe reading some running coach certification modules. Yep, that’s happening!

But first: homemade pesto/prosciutto pizza to prep. Brooke has request tomatoes as well 😉

Hoping to catch a trainer ride tonight since it is too smoky to ride outside. Got to get out early tomorrow for a run!

Catch ya later!!

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