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Third of July Catch Up

on July 3, 2017

Howdy folks! I hope that you are having an incredible holiday weekend (hopefully you have today and tomorrow off-Ken does and we are pretty thrilled about that!)

But let’s back up a little…since it has been since Wednesday since I saw you?!

Last Thursday, Brooke and I ventured to Costco to prep for the weekend and life in general.

Keep in mind, all of the freezer/fridge stuff had been put away. I was exhausted by the time I finished unloading! It was a super fun trip, though. Brooke was awesome!



On Friday, I manned up and attached these two slides. I felt pretty good about myself after that one 😉 Brooke thought I was pretty awesome too!


In the afternoon, we headed in to get Ken from work (and run a couple of errands). He drove home with Brooke and I got to ride my mountain bike home.



These rolls of hay. I just think they are great!


I got in just under 20 miles and it was a great way to start the weekend!

Chased this guy from post to post!


Spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the house for some festivities the next day!

On Saturday, Ken had a group of people meet up at the house for an epic 111 mile gravel ride on bicycles. This group was amazing. 12 guys and 1 amazing woman set out for what would be about 9 hours of craziness! It became known as Ken’s Big Ride (KBR) and there are plans for next year already!

While the group was out and about, Brooke and I hit up town for the Farmer’s Market and the grocery to grab a few forgotten items. Then, it was all about food prep!


Around 3, Brooke and I set out over the hill to meet the group to fill water bottles and pick up anyone who’s tires maybe not make it up and over the super soft/churned up rock section. We had two takers. It was a brutal section if your tires were skinny 😉



Once home, we all enjoyed some good food and this amazing cake that one of the guys brought. So awesome!


Somehow Ken was still alive and we finished up the night with the firework show at Steamboat Lake. It was excellent!

Sunday began with church per usual. Since Ken had ridden long the day before, it was my turn to get in a good ride. I set out from church and got in 56 miles in 3:42. It was a great day on the bike and absolutely gorgeous out-minus the smoke from a fire that had started during their ride the day before. They had to ride right by it!

Oh hey, Hahn’s Peak!


I spent the rest of the day being pretty lazy 😉

This morning I was out of the door just after 7 for an 11 mile run. Felt pretty good considering the long ride the day before! The cloud cover was much appreciated.

Came home to a cleaned up kitchen and this view. Best breakfast view ever!


Please note the stuffies and the fact that we have started the curvy slide. It is so hard to get together. Just saying!


The rest of the day has been filled with projects! Ken is working on putting cabinets in the shop and I have the roofs fully built and ready to go on the play set!

Thank goodness we have one more day to this holiday weekend. Only 14, 304 more things to do!

Happy 4th of July tomorrow and thank you to all that have served or are currently serving!

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