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Road Trippin’ and a 70/10 ride/run weekend!

Hi, friends!  Hope that you have rolled through Monday like it was nothing 🙂

We had some normal Monday-ing to do today (laundry, unpacking…17 loads of laundry. I kid. Kind of.).

We got back last night from our whirlwind weekend get-away.

It allll started last Thursday….Ken was set to finish up at the Outdoor Retailer show at 3ish in Salt Lake City. Because he rode his bike there, he either needed to fly home, rent a car or get picked up. We opted to pick him up and pop up to his parent’s house for a long weekend.


Thursday was mainly filled with driving (I did sneak in a 3 mile run before we left!). It took Brooke, Jasper and I about 6 hours to get from Steamboat to Salt Lake. My little passengers were incredibly well behaved! We met up with Ken and he drove the 3.5 hours up to his parent’s house. It was a long day in the car and everyone was happy to get out and run around when we got there!

Ken surprised me with this beauty!


On Friday, we were up and at them early to head up to Jackson Lake for the day. We all had an amazing time hanging out on the boat and playing on the paddle boards. I am not sure who had a better time, Jasper or Brooke!


Totally normal to have your 65 pound dog in your lap in the car, right?!


The views, though. Cant even put them into words.

















Um, yeah. Relaxing so hard.


Singing Moana songs. Excellent.


Four of us on two boards. Sounds about right!



Driving with GrandBob!!




We stopped for some delicious Mexican food on the way home and enjoyed a spectacular over-tired 4 year old meltdown on the way home! All in a days work!

Saturday started off a little slower. My mother-in-law whipped up some yummy blueberry pancakes to start off the day. Ken and I eventually got on our bikes to head out on a journey! Thanks for babysitting Nene!

We rode the first 30 miles together before Ken branched off to head to the shooting range with his dad. I headed home in a headwind and took the long way to finish off the day with 70 miles.

I figured out how to get some Strave QOM’s! Go to Wyoming!! Ken got the KOM. Ruling the pass!


Spent the rest of the day relaxing! Rough 😉

On Sunday, I dragged myself out of bed for a 10 mile run. I surprised myself with a decent pace and finished up in 1:28 (8:49 average). It is funny that 48 degrees feels so hot when you run.

Got home, showered, ate some food (the reason I was running so fast!) and then we headed off to Church. After church, we had lunch in town before heading home to pack up! Thanks for having us GrandBob and Nene!!

Finished off the day with a 7.5 hour drive home and a dip in the hot tub before bed. My body required it 😉

Today we hit up the pool where Brooke made snorkeling look like childs play. Seriously, she just did it!?!?!? I couldn’t believe it! Grocery….cleaning…all that jazz. Mountain bike for 30 minutes…and then these showed up!

You better believe that I will be doing some sort of running tomorrow. GORGEOUS. Thanks, Brooks!!


Full night of dinner cooking, grading, laundry folding and working on Ken’s legs ahead. I need a vacation! hahahaha. Totally kidding 🙂


New Windshield and a Patched Tire.

Last night was just your average evening over here! Wearing a mask and snorkel. No big deal.


This morning, we woke up to rain (and downpours at times!). It is always great when you actually have to be somewhere and have to load the car in the rain. Especially when that thing is your bike and you are trying not to fall off of the car while putting it on top!

Once everything was loaded (including the kid), we headed down the driveway. About 4 feet in, my tire pressure light came on. A quick call to Ken told me that it had done it last week as well and that he had added air. I hooked up the compressor adapter and filled the tire up. Since it was wet, I was able to hear that there was, in fact, a leak somewhere.

With air in our tire we headed to the windshield place! Dropped off the car and hooked up the Weehoo and Brooke and I were off on a ride! We spent about an hour and a half riding around and hitting up some parks. The rain was kind enough to hold off for us (though we were prepared with rain gear!).



Back at the glass shop, we waited while they finished up, loaded up and went in search of a shop that could fix our tire. It took 2, but we found one and it just happened to be next door to one of our favorite restaurants, Moe’s! We split a nice sandwich and were able to pick up the car right after! We had plans to hit up the grocery, but we were both over it and decided to head home!


Just your normal windshield replacement. Happened to have a horse connected to the truck!




Jasper was pretty excited to see us when we got home. I threw my bike shorts back on (PS this is what I wore around town. Nobody wants to wait around in straight up bike clothes at a glass shop-best of both worlds) and took Jasper out for some bike handling work. Photo cred: Brooke. Pretty sure she was more interested in the cupcake in the pic!


Worked on my skidding ability. I had none. Until today. Now it is fun. My brain is nuts sometimes! I also braved going down the steep downhill in our yard with no braking going into it. It was awesome! Jasper did some hot laps with me too!


This thing is giant, do I get two wishes?


Brooke is currently snorkeling in the bathtub. Perfectly normal! Impressed that she is kinda getting it!


And now it is time to get the rest of my chores done! Looks like another storm is rolling in! Happy to take the rain now that I am done outside 😉

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Easy miles and Dentistry

Hey there! How has the start of your week been? Ours has been good. Doing the solo parenting thing for a couple more days but looking forward to seeing the Husband soon!

Yesterday started super early (5:20 am-ewww) thanks to some coyote being crazy for about 4o minutes. Seriously, strangest noises that I have ever heard. I dont even want to know what was happening!

Brooke and I spent much of the morning playing (and making giant messes in the house that I got to clean up today). She helps clean up, but things move much faster when she is distracted and I put things where they actually belong 😉

Picture from Sunday night. Be still my heart.


Spent about half an hour playing on my mountain bike, but took it mostly as a rest day since my legs were pretty toast from the weekend. This is what happens when Brooke has control of the house. Ha.



Around 3, we headed into town. We stopped by the library for some reading and checking out the fish before walking along the bike path for a bit.

Before I knew it, it was time to head to my dentist appt. Blech. It was a 2 hour appointment (I thought we were splitting it up into 2 x 1 hours, but they could fit me in for the whole thing so we went with it!). Brooke was amazing.

She totally took this pic on her own! Maybe it is payback or something?!


They told me that they had some of the best homecare that they had ever seen (it had been a while since my last cleaning and there was not much there to clean!). Unfortunately, I apparently have highly acidic saliva (maybe I am a poison dart frog?!) and it has been chewing away at my lower teeth while I sleep. Fun Fun. So now I need to have some cavities filled. Nothing like doing a great job at keeping things clean and having your body work against you. Thanks, spit.

Brooke and I went out to dinner after since it was 7:00! Yikes! We went to Mambo Italiano and split the Peach and Jalapeno pizza (hold the Jalapeno). It has peaches and prosciutto and chicken and basil and is pretty much just heaven.

Clearly I wore her out 😉 Also, amazing photography skills :/


Well, I enjoyed the sunset on the way home!



She crashed out pretty easily, so I got to spend the evening grading! More of that tonight. woohoo 🙂

It was a bit cloudy this morning, so we managed to sleep in until almost 7. Hallelujah!!

This helped.

IMG_2581 (1)

Pretty entertaining breakfast as well!


She was all about playing today and went all sorts of crazy with her toys!


Brooke needed a few rest days from the trailer/jogger so she requested that I go out for 4 miles around the house. Better than a treadmill 😉

This is what happens when you are anticipating riding your bike later (but the rain says no-trying to build up that trainer vibe for tonight). Rinsed off, but didnt wash hair. Hot.


At least this one is cute all the time! Those joggers though!


And that’s the haps! Hope your Tuesday was amazing and that you have some fun things going on this week!

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