Fit After Little Bits

eat harder

on June 28, 2017

Hump Day!

Image result for camel

Sorry, couldnt help myself!

Another day at the homestead over here. Little of this, little of that.

Last night got a little later than expected (darn you, White Collar!) so my morning workout got pushed a little later. My legs were feeling the efforts from yesterday’s trailer ride, so it turned into a recovery/easy day.

Two mile jog to the mailbox and up the street with the pup (with a funny story to come!) and then 45 minutes on the trainer because it is impossible to truly get a soft pedal ride with the trailer.

But…back to the jog…Sooooo Jasper and I are jogging along on the road. All of a sudden I get that “someone is watching me feeling”. I look behind me and what do I see…but a doe!

Oh deer!

Image result for deer doe

(Not my picture, but you get the idea)

Jasper had NO idea she was there. Some watchdog he is! I kept looking back and when I did, she would stop, but as soon as we started jogging again, she trotted right along behind us! Eventually she bounded back into the meadow. All I can think is that she thought Jasper was her baby and that I had taken him?? He looks a lot like a deer and with the wind blowing the opposite way, maybe she was coming to take him home?! Regardless, it was pretty interesting and I was happy she kept some distance because she is a good size and I didn’t want to have to fight her for my dog 😉

The rest of the day was spent doing some mowing and yard work and playing with the kiddo.

She dressed herself today. Check out those joggers. Jealous. Yes, that is a blanket fort in the living room.


I should have her dress me. This top knot/no idea what to do with it mess is fabulous. And it is a terrifying picture. So I thought I should post it. #nomakeup #sorry


Our neighbor brought us some peonies from her garden. They are gorgeous. I have to run the air purifier so they dont kill Ken. Thanks, allergies.


Random sequence from last night. Jasper really likes pizza crust.



Oh snap, you are going to give me some?!


Post nibble success!


Alright, we out.

We will probably be MIA tomorrow as we make the 8 hour Costco trip.

Have a good Thursday!

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