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Friday Faves

on June 23, 2017

Howdy and happy Friday. Best day!!

We have enjoyed a low key morning over here. Some flower watering, some yoga on the deck, some coffee sipping. Loving these cool Sunday mornings!

Ken rode into work this morning and we are planning to head in to pick him up this afternoon. I am hoping to take my mountain bike and get in a couple of laps on Madcreek before riding the rest of the way home. Always looking for ways to be efficient on our drive times! Saves on gas $ too!

Since we are chillaxing, I thought I would share some of my faves from the week!

Hot afternoon inside time



Brooke and I LOVE being outside. We spend much of the morning playing putsing around in the sunshine. By the time about 10:30 rolls around, things have started to heat up and that sun gets strong! We often spend the post-lunch ours playing inside. She is becoming quite the little artist! I had nothing to do with the bike. All on her own!!

Also, the sun just makes the house glow in the afternoons and I kind of love that.

Morning yoga on the porch


How can you not love doing yoga outside?! And the view. Perfect! Typically I have a soundtrack of Brooke playing with her toys and Jasper barking at cows, so while it isn’t the most meditative yoga practice, it still gets me moving and I love the time with my little buddies.

Le Creuset Tea Kettle


I was spoiled with this beauty last week and am in love! It is so pretty and I always have it on top of the stove. I have made tea twice, just because. Even though it is warm out, I have to use it! hahaha. Brooke love the whistle when it is ready!



My thumb is not the greenest and I am terrified that I am going to kill this little guy, but I am going to try! I tend to overwater all of my flowers, so I am really trying to reign it in 😉



It may be summer, but Brooke is loving the workbook time. Letters, shapes, numbers, oh my! The girl could do mazes ALL DAY LONG.

Sidewalk Chalk


It is that time of the year! We dont have a sidewalk, but Dad’s shop has a concrete floor. I am sure that he LOVES walking all over the drawings we make him. Sorry, Ken! hehehe.

Alright, time for some lunch before we head out for the afternoon! Hope that you have an amazing weekend. Get outside!!

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