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Loving the Summer Time!

on June 22, 2017

Happy afternoon! We are almost to Friday, folks. That’s a good thing!

This morning I was up at 6 for a four mile jog/recovery run. I was planning on doing 5, but the legs were telling me that they are still in recovery mode, so I cut it a bit short. All about the recovery right now. Waiting for the quads to tell me that they are ready to go again.

Speaking of quads….anyone doing the Strava mile PR? I am hoping that my legs will get it together so that I can give it a go!

Post run and chores, Brooke and I took Jasper up to the pond for some swimming. No complaints from the pup!



It was already plenty warm out (I was in a tank top at 6:30 for the run!).  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


Our peonies are starting to bloom and I cant get enough of them! Please excuse the fact that I need to weed my flower beds. I promise that I did it like a week ago!


How cool is that hot pink one?!


Once we got our stuff together, we got dressed to head into town. Cant handle this grown up girl and her cooler than me clothes!


While we were in town, we played at the pool and grabbed some much needed food! I had put off the grocery all week and we finally gave in 😉

After putting away said groceries, Brooke decided that she needed a bath. She works hard picking produce 😉 So here we are! Just chillin over here for the evening. The husband is going mountain biking with a friend (only a little jealous) so Brooke and I will enjoy some relaxing before figuring out dinner!

Bring on Friday! Not sure what the workout scene will look like. All I know is that it is going to be hot and I should do something fun!


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