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Catching up and a Happy Father’s Day

on June 19, 2017

Well, after 11 days, Brooke and I are alone in a quiet house! Kind of weird! I will try to catch up a bit with just the main highlights!

Wednesday (literally forever ago!)

With some warmer temps (though still windy ) and more sun, we opted to head up to Steamboat Lake for some paddle boarding. My mom was sweet enough to drive up so that I could ride my bike and get in some climbing!


I met up with them and we did some paddle boarding in some serious wind. Getting back to the correct shore took some effort! My mom did great and Brooke and I had a blast on top of the water. After some quick sand play and lunch, we headed home to plant the flowers that we had purchased the day before!


In the spirit of taking advantage of having a babysitter (thanks, Mom) I headed out for a toast and dusty 5 mile run. It was a thing of beauty and I was really happy for the shower when I got home 😉

After some cleaning up and a quick lunch, we headed into town to wander and do some shopping. Brooke insisted that we start with gelato and neither of us disagreed.


Four of them….ahhhhhhhh…..


Feeling pretty country now 😉


We picked Ken up and headed to Table 79 for some dinner. It is fairly new, but we all agreed that it was delicious!


We spent much of the morning cleaning up the house and prepping for party time (I snuck in 2 easy jogging miles)! My parents-in-law showed up just after Ken rode home from work and we started grilling up some food! Our neighbors joined us and we celebrated Brooke’s 4th birthday (again!). She had a BLAST! She loved her pinata. She couldn’t quite hit it open, but her daddy did and she cheered him on! Cutest thing ever 🙂



Cake…balloons…streamers, you got it!


It was a wonderful night filled with way too much sugar 😉


The morning started bright and early with Ken and I sneaking out of the house. Ken had a fun group ride and I headed to town for an 8 mile trail race. Since I had done the full marathon less than 2 weeks earlier, I had no expectations for the race. I really did it to work on training for August and I had babysitters at home! How could I say no?!

Finished in 1:20 and it was HARD. There was about 1200 feet of climbing over the first 5ish miles and then we came down quick over the last 3. My quads felt that FOR SURE! I ended up being the 9th woman out of about 30. Pretty happy with that. Felt like I had more, but was okay to not destroy my still recovering legs!

Post race, I headed home (actually got to say hi to Ken and his group) and grabbed some food.

Sadly, I had to hop into the car to take my Mom to her shuttle stop to head home 😦 wahhhhh! At least the drive was pretty…but I miss her already!


Ken had made dinner while I was gone, so that was pretty awesome!!


Yesterday, we had a blast celebrating some of our favorite fathers! We started off with Church in the morning and then headed straight to the hiking trails!


This guy. Such a great Dad!! These two just adore him. I guess I do too 😉




This guy had no complaints about the day!




The views were pretty nice too 😉







Water is pretty high still!


Could be my favorite picture eva!






Post hike involved planting some treelings (totally a thing, right) and some flowers before celebrating with some Mexican food for dinner! Overall, what a day!


Said goodbye to Ken’s parents this morning (and Ken when he went to work!) and have been chilling and cleaning up for most of the day!

Did some work outside and cant complain about the view 🙂


Just finishing up some lunch and we are planning to head out for a nice little (hot) bike ride! Must start riding in the morning!!

Hope you have had an amazing week and weekend! Catch ya later!

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