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Whirlwinding and a 4th Birthday!

on June 14, 2017

Howdy and happy hump day! It has been a bit bananas over here lately, so just checking in with some highlights!


Last Friday we were prepping for a house guest (friend of the husband’s coming up to dirt bike). Brooke and I cleaned up the house before heading to the grocery for food. Since someone was celebrating a birthday the following Monday, she got to try her first cake pop.

Please excuse the face. She LOVED it.


We stopped in to see Ken on the way home and were lucky enough to see a momma and her twin baby deer. The fawns were out of this world adorable! Their little hops. Hearts.


When you are super excited about something and Mom tries to take a picture and then you have to fake it. Ha. She found out that the Farmer’s Market was going to start up for the season the next day. Big deal to her.

IMG_2100 (1)

B and I went for a ride to meet up with Ken on his way home. We all stopped to pet Chap and Sunny on the way home. They didn’t mind.

IMG_2102 (1)

Our house guest arrived in time for dinner and some chatting before bed.


The morning started off with some omelets and lattes before the guys headed out on their (what would turn out to be) 5.5 hour 120+ mile dirt loop. They had a great time.

Brooke and I headed into town for the Farmer’s Market. It was everything that we remembered šŸ˜‰

She chose to wear her hat.


Cool glasses, bro.


Once we were all home, we switched duty and the guys hung out with Brooke (hot tub, anyone?) while I went out for a 30 mile/ 2 hour gravel road ride. It was perfect.

Home and showered before hitting up Salt and Lime for dinner. Birthday celebration for the win!

IMG_2122 (1)

Home and BED!


Started off with breakfast, our house guest leaving and heading to church.

This girl finally fits into the Hudson Jeans that my sister in law gave her and they are almost more than I can handle.


Dropped Ken off at a mountain bike trail head on our way towards Silverthorne to pick up MY MOM!!

Pretty easy 2 hour drive before we hit up a couple of outlets and Target. My love runs deep, Target.



Grabbed some dinner on the way home and spent the evening relaxing!


My special little Lady turned 4?!?!!?! Cannot even believe how this could happen. She was just a baby. Now she is a full flown KID. Whaaaaaa?!?!?!

The day started off with a 6 am bike ride for Ken and I (nice to have my mom here in case girlfriend woke up!), some present opening and playing. She couldn’t wait šŸ˜‰

Then we went outside to hang out for a bit in the sunshine. All of a sudden Brooke comes out of the shop saying that there is a snake in there.

Girl wasn’t wrong.

IMG_2130 (1)

Got him out with a push broom. No big deal.

Changed clothes and headed out for a quad ride/run. I did 4 miles of dirt running while my mom and kiddo rode the quad. It as glorious and I was pretty excited that my legs felt recovered from the Marathon!

Neighbor dog came over and now believes that he lives here.

IMG_2137 (1)

Recovery power nap!


Celebrated this girl turning the big FOUR!


More presents (she got some really neat things!!) and playing and eventually time for bed!


Tuesday started off chilly and windy. My mom and I started organizing one of Brooke’s gifts (he GIANT play ground set). Supposed to be 30 hours to build. Yikes!

Headed into town for some errands and mini-golf! Brooke’s first time! She loved it. And cheated. haha.

IMG_2156 (1)



Picked up some flowers to plant today!

Ken and I spent a couple of hours starting to build her set last night. Only 28 more to go!! hahahahah!!!

Today we have more adventures in the works. Tell you about them soon!!

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