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Thursday Thrills

on June 9, 2017

This morning started at early:30 (or 5:40 am to be exact). My alarm went off in time for me to throw on some clothes and head out on the bike for just over an hour. It was gorgeous out! Need to get back in this habit! Saw all sorts of wildlife: elk, antelope, deer (sheep, cows….). It was neat.






Made it home in time to get some breakfast ready for the fam before the husband headed into work.

Once the kitchen was cleaned up, I called our neighbor to see if she and her pup wanted to join us for a trip up to Steamboat Lake!

We made it up there around 10:15 and enjoyed a little hike before heading for the water. Brooke found some kids to play with (they even took her on their mini kayaks and taught her to paddle?!). While she was playing with them, Jasper and I played around the cove on the paddle board. Jasper is pretty sure that he is the Captain of the board! Felt really good to be back on the water again. I am sure I will feel all that core work tomorrow 😉

“Miss Mary” even gave it a whirl!


When we had all had enough sun, we loaded up and headed home for some lunch. Brooke hopped in the bath to wash out all of the sand while I found food.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of mowing the yard (only took 2.5 hours today!) and cleaning out the truck. The excitement is endless 😉 Brooke watched a movie to recover from the big morning before bringing some animals out to the trampoline to play while I finished up mowing!

Other than that, it was a pretty relaxed afternoon! Plans for tomorrow include: Prepping house more guests this weekend, ALL THE LAUNDRY, making banana bread and hopefully a ride to see the neighbor’s baby horses!

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