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Celebrating #globalrunningday

on June 7, 2017

Happiest of Hump Days everyone! An extra special one considering that it is Global Running Day! Did you run? Planning to run? Just wearing running clothes all day (totally acceptable)?

This morning, we drove into town for our day of errands. Fitting everything into one day is quite exciting. 😉

We (okay, I) have been putting off stopping at the “crazy animal” store, but I gave in today and we poked around. Some seriously interesting stuff.


Once Brooke had her fill of metal works, we headed to a park and ditched the car for some bike riding/jogging.

Brooke rode 1.2 miles out and then another 1.2 miles back. The way back included stops at 4 parks. Like I said, everything in one day!


We had some killer weather and we took advantage.


My legs felt surprisingly okay, though they were happy with the easy pace and stops along the way.


What goes up and all that.


Sunshine *hearts*



Insists on baby swings. No idea why. Ran into her friend from ski school at this park and played for a bit!


Clearly she takes after me with the picture ready facial expressions.


Last one!


Post parks, we hit up the pool for half an hour. Everyone and their mother (literally) was there. I miss mud season when town was quiet! Once we were totally done with the sun for the day, we headed to the grocery for some food purchasing. The important things in life!

Home now and time for some cleaning up (every single day), laundry, work and dinner prep! Just counting down those last couple of days until the weekend.

Hope you get to run today…even if it is just to the fridge 😉

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