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House Guests, a Casual Marathon and Decent Recovery

on June 6, 2017

Hey there Party People! Just over here working our way through Tuesday.

Sorry that I have been MIA for a few, but we have been real-life-ing pretty hard over here and I haven’t had much time to sit down and type. So, let’s hit some highlights from the last few days/weekend!


Spent most of the day cleaning up/getting ready for company and playing outside. Got a few easy miles in when the husband got home. Installed a vanity top and sink/faucet (okay, the husband gets credit for this one!).

Just our neighbors putting in a new road up a mountain. No big deal.


Kombucha Scoby kinda creeping me out lately.


When your kitchen is clean and you feel like you should go out for the next 17 meals so you dont get it dirty. Lasted 4 minutes.


Quality evening trampoline jumping. Because, summer weather.



Met my sister and brother-in-law in town to pick up race packets. Went for a quad/dirt bike ride (Brooke insisted on riding the entire time on the moto with Ken?!?!). Sat around and drank beer before jogging for 2 easy shake out miles. Went to bed.


Marathon Morning! I cannot tell you how casual I was about this race. I literally threw things together before bed and was in no way mentally prepared for the race. I just knew I was going to run for some hours and call it good!

We were at the start around 7 (race start: 7:30). Lined up and headed out. Since my sister was coming from sea level (to 8000+ feet), we kept a pretty chill pace (around 10:45 min/mile). We had a blast for about the first 11 miles chatting it up and enjoying the scenery. It was by far the prettiest race I have ever done.

Around mile 12, my sister really started to feel the altitude. Yeah, maybe it wasn’t our best idea to run an altitude marathon with her coming from Cali. Lesson learned. I sped ahead a bit at this point because I had drank water at all of the aid stations and my post-baby body requires more bathroom trips to rectify this! hahaha.  I knew there would be bathrooms at the 13.1 mile mark as it was the start of the half marathon. After hitting the port-a-potty, I hung around the aid station for a bit picking up used water cups. The volunteers looked at me like I was nuts, but it was better than just standing there!

I realized that my husband, brother-in-law, kiddo and pup were just a bit ahead so I asked a volunteer to keep an eye out for my sister and let her know that I would meet her just ahead. They were at mile 14.5 and I got to spend some time chatting, playing with water guns (it was HOT), eating and changed up my shoes.

Once my sister made it to us, it was clear that the altitude was taking a toll on her. Lots of cramping/hard time breathing….and she is a pretty seasoned marathoner! We dont have a lot of oxygen in our air here 😉

She caught her breath for a couple of minutes and then tried to head out with me again. Since she was suffering and didnt know how much farther her body would take her, she encouraged me to head off on my own (there was a 5:30 time cut off). I set off and did the remaining 11 miles solo (she had to bail at mile 16 after pulling a calf muscle and hitting the deck). I was pretty good until about mile 17 before battling some stomach cramps. Luckily, they backed off after about 10 minutes and I could keep moving. My farthest training run was 16 miles the previous weekend, so I felt those miles past that! Also, the downhill was a quad killer!!

I did some walking between miles 21 and 24 (some good uphills here and I just hadn’t trained enough). It was 78 degrees and I was pouring whatever water  I could on myself! Managed to pull it together and run the last 2.2 miles to the finish!

Finished with a time of 4:53ish. Somehow was 8/16 in my age group. My moving time according to Strava was about 4:35. Nice little break in there.

Overall, it was a great experience and somehow I was able to function afterwards!

Please excuse the face that I am making…pretty sure that I am saying “beer me”. 😉



Quads were a bit sore the next day, but mostly just my sunburn hurt 😉

Enjoyed some time walking around town before grabbing some pizza, going home to hot tub it, shower and back to town for an amazing Mexican food dinner!


If you are looking for a challenging, but gorgeous Marathon/Half/10k Steamboat has it for ya! Just do some high altitude training first 😉

Gave me a lot of confidence to finish on limited training/injury recovery.  Huge credit to the bike!f

Spectating was hard.



Our company left around 9 and Brooke and I spent some quality time playing before cleaning up the house.

We got about 40 minutes of riding in (trailer style) for a recovery spin. Legs felt decent, but the thunderstorm that was looming brought us home early.

Tuesday (TODAY!!):

Did some work for my class that is starting this morning before heading up to the pond for Jasper to play in the water! Brooke got just as dirty 😉

Came home and attempted to play in the sprinklers, but that water is COLD!


I jumped on the trainer for an easy spin (1 hour) because they just sprayed our dirt roads and I didn’t want chemicals all over us and the bike!

Then we made brownies! They are currently cooling. And then we are going to try them 😉


Hope you had an amazing weekend! Looking forward to relaxing a bit and then jumping back into some training!

4 responses to “House Guests, a Casual Marathon and Decent Recovery

  1. SNL on the Run says:

    Sounds like a fun week!

  2. Sounds like a busy week!
    You were so chilled about the Marathon – that’s such a good attitude 😀
    Well done on completing it! I think I’m a long way off even signing up for one yet.
    It’s amazing how much of a difference the altitude can make!
    Hope the brownies were delicious 😛

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados

    • LeeAnn says:

      Thank you! It was a completely different experience to go into a race so relaxed. I highly recommend it 😉
      The marathon is such a daunting distance! My personal favorite is the Half marathon. Just far enough to be a big challenge, but you can still push it a bit more (the marathon is about survival for me! hahaha).
      I might have had some brownie for breakfast 😉

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