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Mowing. All day long.

on June 1, 2017

Hey Hey! Tomorrow is Friday again. How did we get here?? Not complaining in the least, happy surprise 😉

Yesterday was an “all over town day” and I took no pictures. Go me.

Brooke did some bike path riding while I jogged with her for 2 miles. We hit up the pool and grocery store. Hardware store and granite place. And then home for 3 more solo miles before dinner prepping.  Dont judge the simplicity of those sentences. I was legit exhausted when bedtime came around!

Oh yeah, homegirl made me cut off her wavy locks. I cried a little.


This morning Ken had to go out of town for the day, so he was up at out by 5:20! I was not. I stayed in bed until 7:30 when I heard Brooke stirring (thank goodness she slept in too!).

After breakfast, I started mowing (at 9 am). I mowed/hedged and all that jazz until about 2. Tiny little break for lunch, but goodness that was a lot of mowing! We now have a golf course 😉

Brooke played outside for most of the day and painted and took Jasper for a walk. She also played in her clubhouse and on her swings. Thank goodness she is into independent play these days!

Post work, I had to run. Wasn’t stoked on that, but you know, marathon this weekend so better keep things moving! We did 3 easy miles (though the headwind on the way home was NOT easy).

Some pics from Brooke during our run…’

We hardly ever have traffic, but they are moving a bunch of dirt so this truck was back and forth all day!


Rain boots. Every day.

Normally, I take pictures of cows upside down. Photo not altered.


Open road.


Jasper is the center of her world. Thanks, Brooke.




I guess this means it is getting warm out!


Pretty little.


Storms around us, but we stayed clear!


Time to refill the feeder!


Look at those mow lines! Kind of like tan lines? Er? No?

Okay, too much pollen for me! Time to shower and get to dinner-ing!!

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