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When Tuesday Feels like Monday

on May 30, 2017

Hey there and Happy Tuesday! Always fantastic when Tuesday is the start of the work week, yeah?

Rewind to the rest of the extended weekend….

Sunday (cont).

After popping in on Sunday, Ken got home from his group ride and I set out for a long run. Wasn’t really sure how long it was going to be, but I was hoping to get in over 15. I was doing a point to point run (Ken and Brooke picked me up) to try to get used to some net downhill. Hello, quads. It was rough (and I can barely go downstairs today-should be great for the downhill course on Sunday (and add 10 miles). Death.


Decent pace with some climbs in there. Next weekend should be a bit slower. So I dont die.


Ken set off for his 2.5 hour ride at about 8 am. We had afternoon storms in the forecast, so we knew we had to get workouts in early. Brooke and I hung out at home and worked on prepping a coat rack! Loved my shelves so much that I just cant stop 😉

Once Ken was home, I was off for a 30 mile ride dodging storms. I managed to miss all the lightning and just had about 5 minutes of light drizzle! There was a huge hail storm about an hour after I got home. Timing!

In the late afternoon, we took a family quad ride up the road so the dog could run. Saw some deer and elk and Jasper was in Heaven!


IMG_1100 (1)

This morning I was planning on an easy run, but my legs are still feeling the weekend so I opted to work around the house today and then went for a 2 mile walk with Brooke and Jasper.


Said Hi to the cows before getting the mail 🙂


They are building a shop just down from us.


Someone was happy about the walk.



She wants me to cut her hair. Wahhhhhh.


Those shoes. That shadow.




Think it is raining over there?


Going to get a couple more things done around the house before getting dinner ready and taking the dog in the shower. Not sure what he rolled in…but YUCK.

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