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Ballet-Free Thursday

on May 25, 2017

Tomorrow is Friday. Before a three day weekend. Just going to leave that right here.

Flashback to yesterday for a sec. Wednesday-our Golden Day. Our day without rain (ha, we had the craziest storm pop up around 8 pm. Close though.). Since we knew it was going to be our nicest day, we had plans to meet friends at the lake. Unfortunately, one of them was sick so we have postponed until next week. Instead, we headed into town for some errand running.

Dropped some things off to Ken (who had ridden to work and had little space for heavy things), went to the grocery, stopped in to ACE, dropped off a sink and faucet at a granite place and then swung by the Feed Store to check out the chicks (they didnt have any ducklings. Maybe June.).

We did see this little guy on our way to town (and then again on our ride later!).

FullSizeRender (24)

Once we were home and had put some much needed food in our bellies…Brooke so nicely agreed to go for a ride with me! We got in about 15 miles in a bit of wind, but 68 degrees! Felt so good!! Some neighbors cheered for us as we headed uphill into the wind in freshly grated road dirt. Hello, watts!


Literally spent the rest of the day playing outside and mowing the yard. Like 3+ hours of mowing. And Ken had to finish making dinner when he got home because I was still mowing. Sorry about that, buddy 😉

Ended the night with the hot tub. No regrets. 😉

This morning started out a bit earlier than usual (which I hope becomes more usual than unusual). I was up at 5:45 (BTW: it is light then. Yes.) for a run. We had rain and T-storms in the forecast all day (Note: the only rain that we have had was during my run and then right after) so I wanted to get out before the day turned to yuck.

Got in a quick (ish) 5 miles and was home before 6:45. (Ken was going to ride in to work, but the weather was pretty crummy at that point-so he may ride home).

If you want to practice running the opposite of negative splits (said no one ever), come run with me. Total Pro. I blame the elevation changes. And lack of fitness.

IMG_2002 (1)

Always good to warm up with your fastest mile. Face palm.

It was fantastic to wake up and get my workout done, but I must admit that it is 2:33 pm and I could go for a nap. Or a coffee.

This popped up on my Facebook today. Makes me want to hike. Bring on summer.


Finally got everything I needed to start brewing my own Kombucha!!! That’s my cute little Scoby in there. He is pretty much one of the family now.



I take Kombucha very seriously. Grow little Scoby, grow!!! He is acclimating to his new environment before we start the full brew process.

So much for the craptastic weather ALL day. Though it could start pouring at any given moment….and I did enjoy the strollerless run 🙂


Please note: Random patch of long grass was INSIDE her playhouse. Then the wind somersaulted it last night. Better get the mower out again.

Told you. Very serious about my Kombucha. Very. And that cute face behind it.


Time for an afternoon of laundry folding (Note: I dont mind folding laundry, but I dont love putting it away. Or putting the sheets back on the bed. Maybe I should just climb back INTO bed) and prepping for new classes. Come on weekend!!

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