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Wacky Friday Weather

on May 19, 2017

Happiest of Fridays!!! Pretty excited for the weekend over here. After our desert travels last weekend, I am excited to hang low at home this weekend and get some stuff done.

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Arches post. Highly recommend visiting that place! So awesome.

Yesterday our weather was pretty much terrible. Brooke and I had to be in town for her last ballet class. Where does time go?! This meant that we had to brave the horrifying road conditions. I can really not describe it. Imagine trying to drive a car through 10 inches of snow/mud combo where you really have little control over steering and stopping. Sounds pretty great, yeah? And then, you get to the paved road and the slush is so bad that it is about the same. Terrifying. But we made it!

B’s last ballet class was great. She had a blast with all her little friends. Afterwards, we did some errand running before popping over to the skating rink. Brooke took her first lesson yesterday (and it was her first time ever on skates!).


She LOVED it. Even with the falling 😉 Ski helmet and mittens FTW!


We made it home just slightly easier than the trip in and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and cleaning up (and making banana bread!). I also managed to get out for a 4 mile tempo-ish run (8:23 pace including a bit of warm up and cool down in there).

This morning we woke up to some cool clouds and clue sky!



Winter in May. Mountain life.

We actually played outside for a lot of the morning. Shoveled the porch, put some stuff (my winter clothes! ha!) in the rafters and played in the snow. Afterwards, Brooke decided to get cozy on the floor with her stuffies. Rough.


Spent the day doing some random projects: cleaning the blinds, random laundry loads, puzzles, Ranger Rick reading, scrubbing the shower and who knows what else.

The afternoon looked like this….


Jasper and I took advantage and got out for a super easy 3 mile jog. (Currently icing foot).

Also random….yogurt making.


And snacking. Okay, not random. Necessary. Thanks, Errin for getting me hooked on the Costco pack 😉


Just add cheese…or two.


And just like that, it is bath time and clean up the house/figure out dinner time!! Hope that you have an incredible weekend!

2 responses to “Wacky Friday Weather

  1. lisa3d says:

    Sounds like you had a great day! Also, the views from your home are absolutely stunning!

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