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A Little Trip to Summer (aka Moab)

on May 17, 2017

Well, it is officially snowing today. And it makes me want to rewind to the 80 degrees and sunshine that we had been playing in for the last few days.

Moab was fantastic! So much OUTSIDE! So as not to be boring, I am just going to throw up some highlights from each day (and a separate post from our time in Arches National Park-because the pictures are insane!).


Since Ken was hanging out with some dudes in Moab Wednesday and Thursday and we didnt want to encroach on his time too much, Jasper, Brooke and I didnt head to the desert until just before noon on Friday. It was a pretty easy 5 hour drive and the kids did great! We got there just in time to hang out a bit before getting dinner together.

Brooke took it upon herself to take control of my camera for the evening (and much of the trip).


The important things, I guess…


She has a thing for the toys 😉


We enjoyed hanging around and chatting by the campfire before heading to bed.


Ken and I woke up early (ha! Brooke was up by about 6:15 and ready to start the day). My lovely parents-in-law offered to play with Brooke while we headed out for a morning mountain bike ride. A quick trip up the road put us at the trail head and we headed out for about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Ken rode with me for most of the ride and then I sent him off for the last bit so he could actually enjoy some of the new trails. It gave me the chance to finish up the loop and work on some bike handling!

FullSizeRender (23)


LOVED my Smith helmet. Best Mother’s Day gift EVA.


Once back at camp, we ate some lunch and quickly changed clothes to hop on the quads for some motorized adventuring.



I totally forgot my camera, but we ended up traversing down into a mega-canyon and it scared the you-know-what out of me. Thank goodness Ken was driving. I think I would have just froze and stayed in one place the whole time.

These two took a little rest after. Cuteness.


Before getting dinner ready, I jetted out for an hour (6 miles) of running. Fun fact: Going from 60 degrees as hot to 80 degree and dry weather is rough. I should have taken water!

Another evening of chillin and I was ready for bed!


Brooke decided that as a Mother’s Day gift, she would sleep in until after 7. I loved her a little more!

Jasper was quick to take over her spot in bed once she got up!


Ken and I were able to head out for another 2+ hour mountain bike ride. We hit up a new to us trail and ended up loving it. Made it back in time to throw some food in our mouths and go back out on the quads (my parent’s in law had their quads too so when we went out, we had a little group-Ken, Brooke and I all fit on ours).



The geography out there is incredible!


Another relaxing evening! I went to bed early. ha!


Ken and I began the day with a road ride. We got about 22 miles in during the 1.5 hours we were out. I sat on his wheel for most the climb (it was pretty windy!) and it was kind of like motor pacing. That guy is so strong.

We got back to the trailer and changed before heading out to Arches National Park.  Complete photo post coming tomorrow! It was UNREAL!


Post Park exploring, we headed into the town of Moab (adorable by the way) to grab some ice cream before heading back to camp.

Someone was done with the car for the day. Or maybe he was done with Brooke for the day?


Spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at camp and eating a delicious dinner that my mother-in-law prepared.


They take campfire building very seriously.



Ken was up at 6:15 to get out for an early mountain bike ride while I started packing up the inside of the trailer. He was back by 7:45 and we started loading and cleaning and packing (aka: the not so fun part). At least we had coffee.

Once we were all packed up, Jasper and I headed up to the trail head where we headed out for a 7 mile trail run while Ken and Brooke started the trek home with the truck and trailer. We finished up in just over an hour (it was glorious) and then headed out onto the open road to catch the family. We met up at Costco (they had stopped for Ken to get a hair cut!!) for lunch and some shopping before heading home. We made sure to get in the hot tub before going to bed 😉

All in all, what an amazing trip! And now (as it is supposed to snow for the next few days) I will just keep re-living those warm Moab days!!

Side note: My mother-in-law gave this to me for Mother’s Day. I think I am in LOVE. I already ordered the SCOBY and cannot wait to start home brewing!!! AHhhhh!!!!


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