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And the Thunder Rolllllsssss

on May 9, 2017

This time of the year is awesome! The mornings are gorgeous and the afternoons come complete with their own crazy weather. We love it.

Today’s pictures are (mostly) courtesy of Brooke.

First though, from last night….these two. I will hold your peanut butter container, always. My heart.


Brooke and I spent the whole day yesterday jetting around town and then prepping food for Ken to go camping 🙂 We stopped at the park for a whole 10 minutes for her to get out some crazies (but had to keep it short because of the groceries!). It was a glorious “rest” day!

This morning started off with some outdoor playtime! Brooke did some beautiful painting. Cant quit the derby party hat.


I spent most of the day mowing the lawn. Brooke helped me in the morning and then I finished up after lunch. I kind of forgot how long it take!

We mixed in a little 3 mile jog. We went up to our neighbors and fed their alpacas and mule some goodies. Brooke was in Heaven. Then we ran down to the other neighbors house to see if we could find their pigs, but the dogs were out and no one was home, so we decided to check them out another time.

Brooke got a hold of my camera for the second half of the run.


Hello, shorts weather. Where have you been all my life?

Girl likes her scenery! And now I have 95 pictures to delete off of my phone 😛



Stroller life.


She took some good shots! I think I will hire her!


Big equipment, always a hit!


Selfie game needs some work.


Freshly mowed and amazeballs clouds.


And here comes the storm!


Time to finish up Brooke.s bath, take a shower of my own and put the inside of the house back together.

I could use a nap.

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