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Derby Days

on May 8, 2017

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I hope that you had a spectacular weekend. Ours was filled with a mix of work and play.

On Friday, Brooke and I were lucky enough to get out on the bike and enjoy the sunshine. It was a beautiful day for some cow visiting and lemonade drinking. Ken even got to play on his new mountain bike after work! SUMMER is COMING!!



Saturday was another BEAUTIFUL day! Ken had to run to Hayden to get some tires swapped onto different wheels. He took advantage of the time and got 2 hours of riding in for the morning. When he got home, it was my turn to venture out for just over 2 hours and 37ish miles. It was one of those rides where you just dont want to go home because the weather is SO nice and you could ride all day. But, alas, we had a party to get ready for so I was forced to return 😉 One downside to the ride: I got bit by two flying ants and then got stung by something on the neck! Seriously though!!


Once cleaned up, it was time to head over to our neighbor’s house for a Kentucky Derby party! We got all fancy in our hats (somehow I only took a picture of Brooke-we were in a bit of a hurry). We had a fantastic time getting to know some of our neighbors that we had never met (and by neighbors, I mean the people that live out in our little valley-about a 10 mile radius). I actually didn’t even watch the race because I was playing outside with Brooke, but it was a blast! Delicious food and a couple of drinks. Pretty great afternoon!


Once home, I grudgingly threw on some running clothes and headed out for 5 miles of suffering. A 37 mile ride followed by party food and two, er, beverages made for a rough run! Finished with around an 8:30 pace. Got it done though!

Sunday involved getting things done around the house. Mowed for the first time of the year. Brooke and I did a lot of playing outside while Ken worked on the trailer and in the shop. It was a lovely mid-day and then we had a pretty good thunder storm roll in for the afternoon. I had just happened to put on running clothes and was forced to stay inside.

Luckily, around 4:45, the sky cleared-ish and I was able to head out for 7 miles. The foot was a bit sore so my pace dropped during the run (average of 8:45). I cheated a lot this weekend and didn’t wear the boot. Guess I have a date with it tomorrow.

Today is going to be a bit crazy. Lots of errands and food prep for Ken. Guessing that it will turn into a rest day and I am not even sad about that 😉

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