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A Little Bit of Sunshine!

on May 3, 2017

The rain is gone. Hip hip hooray!!

We had a bit of a dreary morning, so I was a little concerned about this whole return of the sunshine thing. Thank goodness, it finally left and we have a beautiful afternoon over here!

We played in the house most of the morning since it was chilly and drizzly.

I did 50 minutes of decent mid-effort on the trainer (Note: I am watching the show Teen Wolf-judge away. I have no idea how old it is or if it is still on, but somehow I started it and am still watching it. It is one of those shows that I can turn off mid-episode and be okay with that, but it has my attention enough to keep going. It actually got kind of scary today and I wasn’t sad that I had to turn it off. HA!)

Post trainer, I was happy to come upstairs to the gorgeous sun shining into the house. Grabbed some water and Brooke and I headed outside! She had to try out her new running shoes!


She approved. And I approved of the view.


It was (shocker) a bit windy out-hence her hair all across her face. She didn’t so much as approve of that.


She was kind enough to hop in the BOB for a quick jog (trying to get some short miles in-any miles at this point).

We ended up with 3 miles in 31 minutes. The trip consisted of a stop to touch the creek and throw rocks in. A trip up to check out some Alpacas. Stop at the mailbox. Stop to look for frogs. 3 Stops to talk to different neighbors. Basically, there was about as much stopping as going.

When we got home, our neighbor Golden Retriever came over to play. He and Jasper are just the best of buddies and he LOVES to play with Brooke too!


He will even hang out in her Club House!





His face!!!

We played outside until Brooke was ready to come in and wash all of the pollen off of herself. Love/hate relationship with Spring and all of its pollen. Blech!!

Time to do a little stretching and figure out some dinner!

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