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Rain, Rain. Go Away.

on May 2, 2017

Check mark on the crummy weather over here today.


So much for those April showers, right May?

At least the rest of the week is looking to shape up in the sunshine department. I just want to play outside!!

Yesterday, we made a trip into town to hit up the grocery store for some essentials. Before we made it to the groceries…Brooke insisted that we stop at the Feed Store (our version of the Zoo) to check out the new chicks!


I’m kind of surprised that we didnt leave with 45 of them. She was in love. And I will admit, they were super adorable!

Once we said goodbye to the fish, guinea pig and baby chicks, we grabbed some food and headed home!

Brooke insists on her “big bear” coming out onto the couch during the day. His head is pretty much flattened now and he kind of creeps me out…but hey, the things we do for our kids.


After dinner and Brooke’s bedtime, Ken and I jumped on the trainers for an easy spin. I was totally lacking ANY motivation and lasted a whopping 42 minutes. Dream big.

Today has been misty/snowy/rainy all day. Makes me wanna cuddle up on the couch all day!

Instead, we have been cleaning up the house and doing some laundry. Super exciting!


I love coming around the corner and thinking that there is a small animal in my house. Hello, red panda.

We busted out Brooke’s play tent this morning and she somehow fit: the big bear, the big elephant, all the little elephants, 2 large pillows, a blanket and the two of us inside. I was only slightly claustrophobic.

IMG_1763 (1)

I headed into the weather for 3 easy miles (9:14 average) before grabbing lunch with Brooke and heading to the basement for 55 minutes of base riding on the trainer.

Brooke is currently in the bath (doing more playing than bathing) while I do some foot rehab. So fun. Errr, not so much. The planks before hand were a little more exciting. 😉

IMG_1768Yes, Jasper is always in on the action.

Time to get to grading a bit! Hope you have some sunshine or at least the promise of sunshine to come!!

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