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May (Mon)Day

on May 1, 2017

Happy May! Anyone else get excited about  a new month and new possibilities? April was a little bit lame over here, so I am pretty stoked to start on a new one 😉

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind and pretty laid back…all at the same time. Weird.

On Saturday, Ken spent most of the day working on some kitchen projects. We have been putting off finishing up the paneling on the ends of the cabinets (and moving two of the big ones!) So Ken got to work being productive! And productive he was! Should be finishing much of it up this week. I will show you when we are done 😉


Brooke and I were NOT very productive. We pretty much made a disaster out of the rest of the house. It still isn’t pretty! But look at those ballet hands!


Sometime in the late afternoon, I decided that I should get off my lazy butt and get a workout in. I opted to run 5 miles on Saturday and 5 on Sunday to see how the foot would do (instead of doing 10 at the same time). Saturday’s run was pretty good. Tried to keep it low key and stayed around an 8:40 pace for 5 miles. Foot felt okay! Really working on retraining my foot gait and engaging the correct muscles.

After Brooke went to bed, Ken and I hopped on the trainers for an hour to catch a couple of episodes of Suits.

Sunday started out with waffles and Church. It was gorgeous out in the morning (though chilly-20s I think!). Once we got home, I set out for my second 5 miles of the weekend. It was a bit harder than the previous day’s run, but I think I was hungry and a bit dehydrated. Time to up the water intake! 5 miles at around an 8:45 pace.

Post-run, I grabbed some food and Ken got ready for his 2 hour ride. While he rode, Brooke and I played outside. The neighbor dog came over to play with her and Jasper while I moved firewood and started to rake the yard around the house (getting ready to put down grass seed!). I was pretty exhausted after 1.5 hours of raking. My sides started to cramp.

When Ken got home, I changed clothes and hopped on my mtn bike for a quick trip up the hill behind our house. Jasper joined me and then Brooke and Ken caught up to us on the quad. It was pretty muddy, which made the 1000+ feet of elevation gain in 3.5 miles a bit challenging. Yes, the climb is hard-but it is made infinitely harder when you are pedaling and spinning tires. There was a little bit of walking due to lack of traction!


We stopped to play in the creek and did a little hiking before the ride back down (much easier!)



Nothing like hiking in bike shoes with cleats. Thankful for these Pearl Izumi shoes!!



Can you spy Jasper??


At home, I put together some Pad Thai for dinner before hopping in the hot tub (in the rain/snow) with the fam!

Ken spent the evening building his mtn bike, while I literally fell asleep grading!! I guess that is the sign of a good weekend?

Here is to making it through 2 more days of cold, wet weather before some warmth and sunshine are supposed to roll in!!

Have a great week!!

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