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Friday Faves

Happy Chilly Friday, Y’all!

We have had some crazy weather in the last 15 hours!

Last night, we had a crazy thunder/lightning storm that apparently turned to snow overnight. Winter hath returned!


Just chillin’ over here today. Probably going to hop on the trainer and skip running-no thanks to the muddy shoes today. I have 4 pairs that still need to be hosed off due to mud. Yuck.

Here are some random faves from the week!

Painted tiny toes…


Someone convinced me yesterday that (for the first time) she should have her toe nails painted. I like to limit what I put on her body, but they are just so stinking cute!

These clouds….


Weather is so cool to me. I literally had to tell my husband that I would call him back because I had to bust out a picture of these. So fluffy!

Our sprouts…


These guys are just going crazy! I need the weather to cooperate so we can build some raised beds and get them planted. Brooke takes their watering very seriously!

Hello, allergy season….


No, allergies are not one of my faves…but this stuff actually seems to help. I can notice the difference when I take it and when I forget. Brooke uses the kid version and doesn’t mind the flavor at all. The adult version takes a bit of getting use to 😉

Spring Ads….


There is just something exciting about advertisements for things like grass seed and flower seeds (and dirt!). It indicates that Spring is actually here (er, under the snow) and that we will soon be mowing and planting and weeding (oh my!).

Anniversary flowers….


These beauties (from Hawaii) showed up last Friday and we have been enjoying them so much. My parents-in-law always spoil us with a touch of the tropics for our anniversary. Brooke thinks that they are the coolest flowers she has ever seen.

Mini pins…..


Brooke has ended up with my super fine hair. This means lots of tangles and battles over brushing and doing her hair. I am often looking for clips and pins that dont take over her entire head and just thought these were awesome! The are kiddo sized pins that do the job! Thanks, Target!

Snowy day reading…


We decided to take advantage of the chilly weather this morning and do some couch cuddling. Brooke brought out a “couple” of books to read. I may have lost my voice reading them all (ok, kidding) but it sure was a good time!

And a not so fave…

Check out this forecast! 😛


Thankfully, it looks like we should have a nice weekend, but from there on out….blah!

I don’t mind the rain/snow, but I do enjoy a nice day in between to soak up some sun. April showers and all that, I guess! Better get the grass seed down.

That also means running in the snow/rain/mud. Time to get dirty. I need a treadmill! hahaha.

Okay, so that’s about it for today! Time to watch the kiddo put on an animal show in the bath tub. Never a dull moment!

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Friday Eve.

Hey there, Thursday people! How is your week going?? We have been pretty low key over here. Brooke is finally over her cold. So, the weekend is looking up!

We had to skip ballet today because I had a conference call for work that I needed to “attend”. Luckily, she still doesn’t really do “what day things are on” so she didnt complain. We will just have to have our own little recital today 😉

This is what Jasper thought of the conference call.


Last night, we had some visitors as 13 antelope ran just across the creek from us! Brooke and I were pretty impressed. We didnt tell Jasper.


Since I have been trying to be good and ease back into some running miles, I ran 2.4 on Tuesday and 1 (to the mailbox and back) yesterday-dream big right?

Today, I ran 3. Rebel status!

But before that, we HAD to make some whipped cream to go on her hot chocolate. She ate the whipped cream. Didnt drink the hot chocolate. Kid life.


Pre-run snacks-red bell pepper and apple. Dont let her face betray her feelings. She told me that it was the best snack EVER.


Pre-run Kazoo-ing. Totally a thing.


And then we were off! Brooke took it upon herself to use my camera to capture the run from her point of view. The BOB. It was pretty interesting to look at the pics and see how she sees things!


Yep, I take pictures of my shoes too, kid.


Artsy? Long road ahead?


She had me pose….and demanded Jasper be in the picture as well. Way to get the mountains in there too!!


She liked the clouds. So did I. I also just noticed that Jasper is in there too!


My turn with the camera (not sure if you can tell a difference).

The pace of this run became a bit slow due to some stops to see if we could find any frogs. Important stuff.




Then she decided she was going to jog with the BOB. Not sure if she realized how much it slows her pace 😉


She gave up on the stroller and just decided to run on her own 😉


I dont think this view could ever get old.


Strapped on the helmet and went for a little ride!


Run SBT! My hat made me do it!


Love following these two!


Once we made it home, I hopped on the bike for 45 minutes while she played on Love that site!

Then it was time to sit through the conference call. Went by pretty quick. Love that I can mute myself on the computer and interact with Brooke while I am listening. Best of both worlds.

Had some lunch and Brooke has decided that it is bath time! So….she is in there. With all the toys. I asked her how she fits. I have no idea.




While the boot is a bit of a pain in my butt, I have noticed a decrease in foot pain, so I guess it is helping.

Time to finish up bath time and clean up the house! Jealous?? Dishes and laundry are calling my name 😉

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Easter, etc

Happy Boston Monday!! Did you watch??

We dont get the right channel and I couldnt get the live stream to work, so I “watched” via Twitter. Always so exciting!!Kenya had a stellar day. Not that anyone is surprised-they have some phenomenal runners!

The excitement makes you want to go out and run 10 miles, right? Yeah, me too!

But alas.

This weekend was pretty relaxed with a side of some awesome workouts!

On Saturday, Ken was out of the house before 7 to get in 3 hours of riding. This meant that we could switch off the kiddo and I was out for 3 hours of my own!

It was my first day of climbing and my first day riding (just under) 50 miles for the year. I was pretty much beat by the time that I got home.

It was gorgeous. Brisk and breezy, but not scary windy. Made it all the way up to Columbine for the first time. Saw the biggest coyote that I have EVER SEEN. Yikes!



IMG_1663 (1)

While I was out, Ken took Jasper and Brooke on a quad ride (Jasper ran about 9 miles and Brooke fell in a giant puddle=sounds about right!).

Jasper and I felt about the same after our workouts! Note: No foot pain after the ride. Score!


The rest of the day was spent doing chores around the house before falling asleep watching an episode of Suits that the husband was catching up on.

Easter Sunday!!
We spent the morning diving into Easter baskets before heading to church. She refuses to look at the camera!


When we got home, I got some lunch ready while Ken hid the eggs and then Brooke was off on her search party!






After lunch, Ken went out for around a 2 hour ride and I followed with a 20 mile ride followed by a 2 mile jog. After almost 70 miles of riding for the weekend, that was one tough run! Around an 8:56 pace and just some foot soreness/annoyance. Boot comes today. I will let you know how that goes. Hoping to get in maybe 2-3 miles today-or maybe just rest! hahaha.

Hope you are having an amazing Monday and that you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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