Fit After Little Bits

eat harder

Friday Eve.

on April 20, 2017

Hey there, Thursday people! How is your week going?? We have been pretty low key over here. Brooke is finally over her cold. So, the weekend is looking up!

We had to skip ballet today because I had a conference call for work that I needed to “attend”. Luckily, she still doesn’t really do “what day things are on” so she didnt complain. We will just have to have our own little recital today 😉

This is what Jasper thought of the conference call.


Last night, we had some visitors as 13 antelope ran just across the creek from us! Brooke and I were pretty impressed. We didnt tell Jasper.


Since I have been trying to be good and ease back into some running miles, I ran 2.4 on Tuesday and 1 (to the mailbox and back) yesterday-dream big right?

Today, I ran 3. Rebel status!

But before that, we HAD to make some whipped cream to go on her hot chocolate. She ate the whipped cream. Didnt drink the hot chocolate. Kid life.


Pre-run snacks-red bell pepper and apple. Dont let her face betray her feelings. She told me that it was the best snack EVER.


Pre-run Kazoo-ing. Totally a thing.


And then we were off! Brooke took it upon herself to use my camera to capture the run from her point of view. The BOB. It was pretty interesting to look at the pics and see how she sees things!


Yep, I take pictures of my shoes too, kid.


Artsy? Long road ahead?


She had me pose….and demanded Jasper be in the picture as well. Way to get the mountains in there too!!


She liked the clouds. So did I. I also just noticed that Jasper is in there too!


My turn with the camera (not sure if you can tell a difference).

The pace of this run became a bit slow due to some stops to see if we could find any frogs. Important stuff.




Then she decided she was going to jog with the BOB. Not sure if she realized how much it slows her pace 😉


She gave up on the stroller and just decided to run on her own 😉


I dont think this view could ever get old.


Strapped on the helmet and went for a little ride!


Run SBT! My hat made me do it!


Love following these two!


Once we made it home, I hopped on the bike for 45 minutes while she played on Love that site!

Then it was time to sit through the conference call. Went by pretty quick. Love that I can mute myself on the computer and interact with Brooke while I am listening. Best of both worlds.

Had some lunch and Brooke has decided that it is bath time! So….she is in there. With all the toys. I asked her how she fits. I have no idea.




While the boot is a bit of a pain in my butt, I have noticed a decrease in foot pain, so I guess it is helping.

Time to finish up bath time and clean up the house! Jealous?? Dishes and laundry are calling my name 😉

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