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The foot and other business

on April 14, 2017

Friday Friday!!! YES! So happy to see you, weekend!!

You know what is really cute….when your brand new shoes show up the week you are not running. Really cute.

Brooke thought that it would be pretty fun to model them for me. On the wrong feet. With penguin pajamas on. Seems pretty appropriate.


Played outside yesterday. Gorgeous, but windy. Our last remaining snow.


No helmet=walking your bike down the driveway. We are huge on helmets, but since we were going uphill to the neighbors, we were just extra careful. She is always safety first. Dont know where she gets that 😉


I cheated and wore these beauties to play outside and walk to our neighbor’s house and OKAY you got me….to jog/walk to the mailbox. It was .68 miles. SO easy. I couldn’t resist. I’m in love with them!


Sooooo, today I went to the podiatrist. Really wanted some x-rays to make sure I wasn’t doing damage to my navicular bone. The x-rays looked okay (stress fractures are notorious for not showing up on plain films). The history of pain with running left us with a couple of options (I went in with a ton of info-a doctor’s worst nightmare: another doctor). ha!

Since we are not 100% sure if it is a mild stress fracture or some tendonitis/strain, we are going to be careful/not careful.

He was onboard with me wearing a boot (BOOOO), BUT also letting me continue to try running (and by that I mean 1-2 miles a day at first and move up depending on pain). I will be wearing this boot during the day to take stress off of the foot and then carefully monitoring pain with running. I was SO thankful to not be taken off of cycling and running completely! I will totally take it!!!


There will also be a lot of icing and PT exercises to try to get rid of the pain completely! BUT my marathon (or at least half marathon) dreams are alive!!


Pretty excited that I get to ride (and RUN-ish) tomorrow!! Supposed to be sunny and 50. Love it!

I hope that you have an amazing weekend and that you have a blessed Easter celebration!

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