Fit After Little Bits

eat harder


on April 12, 2017

For the first time in 10 days, Brooke and I returned to the land of the general public. Since she had a cold and we had no pressing matters, we have hung out at home chilling for the last 10 days.  Good thing we like our home 😉

Yesterday was pretty chill with an hour of spinning on the bike for me. Still waiting for the dreaded doctor appt on Friday to check out the foot. Only making me slightly nuts. The BIG problem is that it feels pretty great today! Only slight pain and a little swelling..makes me want to run…but I wont. Blah!

The husband was in Boulder Monday and Tuesday, so I was pretty excited to have him back last night! And he went to Costco, so I was really excited to see him! hahaha.

Anyways…..the excitement of today (only slightly sarcastic)….


Dressed up and somewhere to go! I wish I was as cool as her!

We ventured to really cool places like the the grocery, the bank and Walmart. So great.

Our big event of the day was heading to the dentist. Brooke’s first real cleaning. Yesterday and this morning she was in TEARS about going. She LOVED it and kept talking about how much fun it was. Kids! hahahaha.


When we got home, I tried to convince Brooke to go out on the bike but she wasn’t feeling it. And I am not about to waste my precious rides on a breezy day, so I am holding onto it…maybe tomorrow 😉 *To be totally honest, I am a little nervous about the trailer and the foot…so maybe I will wait until I have an answer on Friday.

Random City Market purchase (because I had a coupon). LOVED this so much! Like, I want 10 more, right now! Delicious! PS I am a huge fan of their mango lemonade too!


Random husband Costco purchase:

I hope we never need to use it 😉


Getting in the Easter spirit over here! Almost died getting the box from the rafters, but hey! Worth it.


Current view: Kid in bath, Vizsla in line of sight…just where he likes it.


Hoping you are having a beautiful Wednesday. We are halfway there! Here is to 60 degrees and SUNNY tomorrow!!

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