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Return of the Winter and the Pain

on April 11, 2017

We certainly had some weather this weekend!

On Saturday, the husband went out for 2.5 hour ride in the morning and I followed with a 2 hour ride. The wind was REAL. Let’s put it this way, I was literally BLOWN OFF MY BIKE! 20 mph consistent wind with gusts around 35-45 mph. It was a bit insane! I cannot say that it was my favorite ride (kinda white knuckling the whole time!), but it was 30 miles of outside, so I cannot complain. The husband and kid rescued me about 1.5 miles from home and I didnt complain about the ride home 😉

We spent the rest of the day hot tubing and relaxing!

Sunday, the storm officially blew in! We woke up to snow and the whole day was filled with the white stuff…and MORE WIND.


Jasper spent most of the day worshiping the fire. Photo cred: Brooke


Brooke spent most of the day playing horses (she wanted them to be able to stand up and drink so she propped them up with balls. I was impressed.)


Ken and I spent the morning watching Parix-Roubaix. It was very entertaining! Especially with the Koala.


Ken did our taxes while I played with Brooke for most of the day. In the afternoon, I set out for a 5 mile run. Time to test the foot! The first 2 miles were okay (or maybe that was because I wore my road shoes and they got wet and muddy and I couldn’t feel my feet). The other 3 were a little rough. A bit of foot pain, but not terrible. Came home and iced it. Unfortunately, this morning, the foot was swollen and painful so I made an appointment with a podiatrist on Friday. No running this week. Sticking to the bike.

At least I have this cute face to look at!


This morning brought some beautiful views! It was gorgeous! A little chilly still, but we have high hopes for tomorrow 😉 Rode the trainer for an hour today. Not super thrilling, but limited the pressure on the foot.



Trying to stay positive and hoping that all of my summer race plans are not going out the window. I feel like it is going to be a long week….not knowing is the worse! More details to come!

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