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Hey ya, Friday!

on April 7, 2017

Well, folks-the weekend is upon us again. Woot woot.

It has been quite the interesting week. With a sick kiddo and living in the middle of nowhere, I can honestly say that I have not spoken to an adult (besides the husband) since Sunday. Somehow, not even on the phone (not counting texting-cuz I would DIE…also, I text with my husband, sister-in-law and Mom, so….yeah I am cool).

Looking forward to a bit more adult conversation this weekend, even if that just means more than a couple of hours with the husband at night!

No blogs the last couple of days, because, let’s be honest….it would be like watching paint dry….but here are some highlights!

We have the most patient dog. Thanks, Jasper for always taking one for the team.


When you are going outside to play and decide that tall socks should go over your pants. Yep, she must be my kid. #style (Please ignore the dried food all over her face. Good momming right there).


Yesterday I tried out the foot by jogging 1 whole mile. Foot did pretty well-didnt notice any pain with the running! I jumped on the trainer for about 50 minutes and then convinced Brooke to play on the porch while I tried to work on my lack of bike handling skills. She wasn’t impressed. My “I dont care if I crash in them pants” 😉


Also, my “I dont care if I crash in it” helmet. It’s getting a little old and doesn’t fit the best, so I am okay wearing it riding around the yard. I would protect me (especially at the speeds I am working with). Had to take advantage of the sunshine!!


I mean…because this….


Threw in some firewood moving to help with the core workout. I try to get a bunch of outside chores done on nice days 😉 Also, saw mosquitoes out for the first time of the season. Not excited about that 😦


This morning, I jogged for 2 miles. Didnt notice the foot on the flats or uphills, only on the down hills. Working on foot placement and softer feet. Also…my husband ordered me the Brooks Calderas today.  I have been a huge Cascadias fan forever, so I am excited to try their new shoe (with a little extra cushion!).

Got on the trainer for 45 minutes before working on some core.

Other than that, it has been a pretty quiet day. Quad ride to get the mail, some stretching and laundry.

I did do something out of the usual….I actually painted my nails! I grabbed this polish at Ulta while in Fort Collins 2 weekends ago and finally gave it a whirl. I hardly ever paint my nails (mainly because I destroy it in 6 seconds flat) and I dont LOVE the chemical aspect of it (I really only use Essie, OPI and the ones that you find at places like Whole Foods (hippie style!). But….every once in a while I hop on the bandwagon.

Loving this color….Spring is coming!


And it just HAPPENED to match a kitchen in the new HGTV magazine!IMG_1597

No biggie!

It is super windy this afternoon (otherwise we would be outside) and it is suppose to rain tomorrow. Blah. I NEED outside! Hoping to get a ride or run in before the rain hits! And then hiding Sunday if it is snowy a cold 😉

That’s literally all of the excitement over here! Hope that your week has been a little more fun-filled! But hey, lemonade, yeah!?

Enjoy your weekend! See ya next week!

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