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Laying Low

on April 4, 2017

Someone still has the sickies…so we are laying low today. Works out, since it is snowing and I have no real desire to head outside!

It’s hard when they feel fine, but are super sniffly. They dont want to take it easy (see: running around the house like a crazy person) but while they are being nutty, it makes them more sniffly?! Vicious cycle.

Thankfully, we did pretty decent on the sleep last night. Thanks, girl!

Also, I never look this cute when I have a cold. Eating up these snuggles, though.


In the spirit of our lame day…I thought I would share some pics from the husband’s trip! These are from Phuket, Thailand. He never takes pictures…so I am pretty excited to share these!


Terrible view from the hotel


They took a boat tour…he was in awe!


All the tourists.


Makes me a little jealous!


Oh, hey Monkey


That water color!!


Foliage, everywhere!


Now he was just rubbing it in!

51218696123__AA2BBA61-3732-400E-854D-C2CC9AE403C7 (1)

Cool that they got in some fun while on a work trip! He was so good and ran while he was there (and got to paddleboard!). Not sure that it would be worth the 27 hours or travel for me, but it is pretty gorgeous!

Trainer party tonight with the hubs. Got in 1:12 last night and should be about an hour tonight. I think we are into Suits! Makes riding in the dungeon a bit easier 😉

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