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Serious case of the mondays

on April 3, 2017

I would say Happy Monday…but, meh. Not feeling it today. Most of that has to do with a kiddo with a cold. Kid with cold= serious sleep lack.

But alas, we are making it through the day and hoping tomorrow is better.

Quick flashback to a happier time…yesterday…ha!

Just working on her play dough skills while we watched the Tour of Flanders. What.a.race. WOW.


The husband was meeting up with some friends for a few hours to do some skiing, so the kid, pup and I hit up the park for about an hour before playing at the base of the resort for the remainder of the time. Kind of weird to be playing in sand. Colorado.


It is amazing how much dirt is showing at the resort already. Brooke begged me to take her pic with the kitty, but then refuses to look at the camera. Fickle.



We spent the rest of the day running a few errands before grabbing some BBQ and making our way back home for a low key kind of night. (Oh, and the finale of Big Little Lies! I was okay with how it ended. At least they didnt kill off any of the faves!)

As I was going to be last night, I saw this on Twitter! I have been a huge Federer fan FOREVER and it is awesome to see that he is back to crushing it. Such an incredible athlete.


Today has been filled with boring Monday things. Since I took yesterday off and the kid is feeling needy today, I am hoping to hop on the trainer tonight with Ken. Motivated by a potential new show. Suits? Anyone?? Good or nah?

Jasper felt the same way about Monday this morning.


In the midst of dishes and laundry, we decided that we should try our hand at yogurt making. I will let you know how it plays out.


Time to try to get some grading done so I can enjoy my workout this evening!

Maybe I can get the Queen of Sniffles to take a nap….hmmmmmm….

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