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Saturday delights!

on April 1, 2017

Happy weekend! We lucked into some gorgeous weather today (after seeing about everything yesterday). Since Ken was allowed to work from home yesterday, our normal Friday doings were out the window 😉 So I thought I would pop by this afternoon with some things I am loving and other happenings.

With the husband home yesterday, I was able to sneak out for just over an hour for a hard tempo ride. Just under 19 miles in a darkening sky and crazy winds. The weather looked like it was going to hold off for Ken to ride as well, but about 10 minutes into his ride we had lightning, thunder, rain, hail and snow with insane winds! So…Brooke and I set out in the truck to rescue him. (He jumped on the trainer to finish off his ride).



We all took advantage of the hot tub after the storm had past!

Some things I am loving…

Under $3 daffodils that make my house feel so Springy! Totally worth it!


Potted Lavender to go with my view (the smell…so good)


We got balloons to leave in Ken’s car the night he came home. He was surprised and Brooke gets to play with them now.


When your kid falls in love with artichokes.


This morning, we had some fun family time before I headed out for a ride. The weather was brisk and a bit windy, but glorious! Hello, April. You can stay a while.

About 27 miles in 1:47. The winds and slightly muddy roads made for a slower than usual ride. More time to take in the views.

FullSizeRender (19)

Ken is out on his ride now (He and the kid and dog went for a quad ride while I was gone, so I have 2 tired kids-just the way I like it!). Looking like he will get the sun today too 😉

Off to do some stretching!

I decided to take the week off from running to see if I can get the pain in my foot to go away. It has been getting progressively better (I think) so better to be safe and take some time off rather than get too close to races and have to bail!

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