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Random Wednesday

Howdy! Hope you all had a stellar Wednesday.

Kind of a lazy hang out at home day over here. Getting random things done and such.

First…tragically, my wedding ring has broken. Okay, dont worry, it isn’t my REAL wedding ring. The husband and I rock Qalo Silicone wedding bands. With all of the outdoor playing and working out that we do, we find it safer to wear these than our good rings. It used to be that we would wear them during the summer, but with all of the on and offs of gloves, it has kind of become an all the time thing. Time to order a new one!


This morning, I opted to wash my over the island lights. We are going to install a hood later this summer to help decrease some of the residue, but for now I just wash them every few months. See that dirty one?! It was so stuck that it took me 30 minutes and 3 tools before I got it down and cleaned. #nevergiveup It would have driven me NUTS to have one that was dirty.

IMG_1464 (2)

My “brass” anniversary gift for the husband finally made it! Bottle opener for his shop. Success.


I’m sorry, probably had enough of this…but SERIOUSLY….the melting!!


We couldnt see the bottom of the wood pile 2 days ago.


This guy….the life.


Just a little trainer time since it was windy all day. One hour of base. Good times.


Okay, her game needs a little work. errr…..


Other than a walk to the mailbox it was rather excitement-less over here today.

Making it more exciting my throwing in some Big Little Lies tonight….anyone else watching?? Intense!!!!

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I Need a Shower

That’s a nice way to title a post, yeah? But seriously, I ran at 11 and got nice and sweaty, but knew that I was going to be working outside this afternoon in the mud and couldn’t justify showering first….so here we are. Brooke is currently in the bath. Lucky girl.

Last night, the husband was not home for dinner. This typically means that we bust out the zoodler. Totally not a word, but it makes zoodles. So there you go. Brooke LOVES to make zucchini noodles. She takes it upon herself to do the spinning.



Quite proud of herself.

We just tossed them in a pan with a drizzle of heated avocado oil, squeezed half a fresh lemon on top and added a bit of garlic salt. Topped that with a bit of seasoned ground beef and a piece of flat bread toast and called it good. No complaints from either party.


I went to bed WAY too late last night and was lucky that Brooke decided to sleep in until 6:45 this morning. Could have gone for 7:30…but hey, I will take it.

After doing what felt like 200 loads of laundry (maybe 4?), we headed outside for a “run”. This is pretty much the second time in a couple of years that I have ran two consecutive days. See, I’m working on it! She made me stop for a photo shoot.


She pulled her jacket right after the picture. It was about 47 degrees, but the sun was HOT.

She is going to be quite the little photog! Please note: Dog on ground behind me is not dead….although he may have been rolling in something that was. Face palm.


The run itself wasn’t super pretty. Trying to work through some weirdness in my left foot…that moves based on the shoes I am wearing?!  Also, pushing the jogger on a road that has recently been graded makes for a bumpy ride…and is hard to push through. Think soft dirt plus rocks. Perfect.


We made it home in mostly one piece before heading inside for a quick lunch. After switching some laundry, we went back outside and drove the quad around the yard for a bit pulling a large roller. We are trying to smooth out the dirt before we start to see grass popping up.

The wind started blowing and the sky is looking a little dark so we came inside to clean up for the evening. I think it is supposed to rain. Because it is March and we live at 7200 feet. Shouldn’t it still be snow?!?! End rant.

Alright, time to get some work done! Enjoy your Tuesday!

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And Just Like That, SPRING.

Oh hey, Monday. Back again so soon?

You could have taken your time a bit more.

But alas, we shall take you.

At lease we have the weekend to look back on and smile.

Our weather was pretty amazing here this weekend. We saw upper 50s/low 60s and mostly sun. It was fantastic.

On Saturday, I did some weeding in our planter beds in the morning. Kind of hard to believe. I really wasnt expecting to see them for a while. The husband watched the kiddo while I headed out for 10 miles. First double digit run in about a month. I felt that, too. Managed to hover around an 8:30 min/mile pace. It was mostly comfortable. I had to stop a couple times to grab some food (I have to stop running at lunch time!) and to stretch out some stiff muscles. All in all, I was just stoked to be wearing a SKIRT and TANK TOP. Say what?!


After stopping off at home for a few more hours of yard work and lunch, the husband was interested in going out for a ride. He invited us girls and we were more than happy to accommodate! Plus, he pulled the trailer…so I think I won! Fifteen and a half miles of gravel road goodness. Thanks, love!


But seriously though…grass?!


I am pretty sure we will be seeing some Spring blizzards….but we will take this for now.


The husband brought these trail runners home for Brooke. I die.


Sunday, we did the Church thing and afterwards headed up the mountain for a Church picnic. It was a nice little rest day!

Monday has brought a day of errand running and a visit to the pool. We lucked out in that we made it to the pool while it was beautifully sunny. This afternoon has brought in some glad cover. Not quite as spectacular, but still warm!

We ventured out for a super easy 3.5 mile jog. Made the pup extra happy.


What up flowing river?!


Brooke decided that she wants to be my personal photographer. I better learn to not look so crazy. Honestly, I was pretty sure she was just taking a picture of my feet. Color me impressed.


He wasn’t thrilled with me making him sit still.


And, of course, we had to stop for every beaver dam.


Not too bad for a Monday. Tired legs today mean some quality time with the roller later on! So romantic!

Also, huge shout-out to my sister who ROCKED the LA Marathon this weekend and knocked 14 minutes off of her PR. That’s HUGE!! Congrats, Alle!!

FullSizeRender (17)

Yes, her pictures are far more artsy and creative than mine. Judge away 😉

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