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He’s coming hommmmeeee

on March 30, 2017

We might be a little bit excited that Ken is coming home today!! Ten days in Asia is just too long! 😉

On another positive note: found my camera today. In my purse. No comment.

Yesterday seemed to fly by in the midst of working around the house and spinning on the trainer for an hour. I really need a new show. Anyone?

Before I jump into the happenings of today….camera vomit…

These feet…in these shoes. Be still my heart. She chose them herself.


They go well with her wacky attitude.


My sister-in-law has a lot of deer at her house (this is their neighbors house, but they joined us shortly after).


Their view doesn’t stink either.


Refuses to look at the camera.


Still not looking.


Insert toy in mouth and hold.


Someone stole my camera. Thanks, B.


End of photo dumb. Now it is time for random decor additions in 3..2..1…

Good thing the husband is on a plane and wont see until he gets home! Brooke and I did quite the shopping on the Front Range. Here are some of our finds. Thank you Hobby Lobby!


Want a new light fixture so badly….haven’t found one that I love. Now it has to work around the bike 😉


Attempting to recollect the water that Jasper likes to splash on the floor. We will see how it works!


Just trying to start some roots. Also, washed that window today! FTW.


This morning started off with ballet. Love me some good adult chatting time!


We then swung by the grocery for some essentials before heading home for lunch. Fun fact: Ate too much lunch and then ran 4 miles (the middle two were supposed to be an effort). I almost saw my lunch again. Did mile 2 pretty hard and then about halfway through the 3rd, I decided that it wasn’t worth it to upchuck and toned it down. Finished with an average of 8:53 (mile 2 was at 7:23).

Currently sitting on the floor while Brooke plays in the bath. Then hopefully I will get to shower and clean up the house before Ken gets home….wooohhoooooo!!!!

This was from yesterday…here is to many more days like this to come!! Let’s go Spring!!


Too cool for school!

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