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Weekend Getaway

on March 28, 2017

Hey there! How is your Tuesday going?? We are playing a little bit of catch up after getting home yesterday afternoon.  (Also, I cannot find my camera?! I’m sure that it is packed somewhere and I will post some pics tomorrow!)

Since the husband has been in Asia (Bangkok and Hong Kong) for work, I thought it would be fun to head to the Front Range to hang out with Ken’s sister and her husband. We headed down after packing up and getting in a quick 45 minutes of trainer riding on Friday. We enjoyed a relaxed evening before hitting the sack pretty early.

On Saturday, Errin, Brooke and I did a bit of shopping. It was my goal to do a little decor shopping while Ken was gone. We hit up Lowes, Home Goods and Costco. It was a bit of a whirlwind couple of hours, but we made it home for lunch!

We found Jasper some toys while at Costco. He quickly took out the squeakers.



After Errin got in a quick bike workout, we headed out to watch part of her husband’s cycling road race. The climb at the end looked super fun!

I wish I was as good of a cook as she is! This beef and barely soup was perfection!


Brooke managed to get stuck in the cat scratcher. Talent.


Sunday was spent relaxing a bit. Errin and Colin got in about 2 hours on the bikes and then switched with me so I could get in a trail run (didn’t take a bike). The first 20 minutes came complete with rain and hail (ouch!). The trails became quite slippery and it became a game of; how to keep it upright. Luckily, after the initial weather, I was able to settle into a rhythm and dried out a bit. I finished up with 8 decently hard trail miles and 1 cool down mile: 9 for the day!

On Monday, we had a special date at the zoo! Errin was able to take a little time out of her day and meet us there!


You guys. Baby giraffe. OMG. Dobbie!! He may have been the cutest thing that I have ever seen!!


I think this one is pretty cute too!


Once we finished up at the zoo, Brooke, Jasper and I stopped by Trader Joe’s before heading out of town. Essentials.

We had a pretty relaxed drive home (B was tired from the Zoo FTW!!).

As soon as we walked in, I got a fire going (56 degrees in the house-brrrr) and let Brooke hop in the bathtub to stay warm. I unloaded the car and got dinner together and before I knew it, I was putting her in her bed and catching up on Big Little Lies before going to sleep myself.



Today has been filled with the usual laundry and unpacking. We also took some time to do some decorating! Here is a peak at Brooke’s room. I will try to get some more done tomorrow. So excited to get rid of all the bare walls!


She helped pick out her decor and placement. She is more talented than I am! I think she likes it!


Hopped on the trainer for an hour this afternoon, followed by a mile to drop off a piece of mail and then some fire wood moving. All quality workouts 😉

Time to make some dinner and get some work done this evening!

Have a great night!

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