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What day is it again?

on March 23, 2017

As a work-from-home Mom, sometimes it is kind of hard to keep track of the days. Thank goodness for Thursdays. Ballet keeps up on our toes!

This morning, Brooke was all about oatmeal for breakfast. I remember when I was a kid, oatmeal was something that my grandparents ate. It was almost like a punishment to have it, but Brooke adores it! She loves it topped with a little coconut sugar, honey, almond milk and sliced bananas. Foodie already.

We made it to town a bit early today and swung by Off the Beaten Path (most adorable book store) for some tea and “kid coffee” (vanilla steamer).

Brooke then enjoyed her 45 minute class of spinning and jumping and dancing her little heart out. It is really neat to see the difference in couple of months that she has been taking ballet. Adorable.

We had a couple of errands to run and then I was convinced that we needed to stop at the park for a little while. Those clouds!? You feel extra close to them when you live at altitude 😉


It got a little windy, so we were not there too long. Just long enough to burn off some residual crazy. Why yes, that is the ski slope where Brooke took lessons. And yes, folks, that is dirt. What the what?!?!


Since we were both on our way to hangry-town, we stopped in at a new to us restaurant: Lil House Country Biscuits and Coffee

It was pretty tasty! I had a biscuit sandwich with egg whites, goat cheese and red bell peppers. Brooke stole all of my peppers to go on her biscuit. I think we will be visiting again. It was nice and quiet-just the way we like things!


After finishing up our food, we ventured on home. Brooke Red Box-ed Moana and watched that while I rode the trainer for just under an hour. She really enjoyed it! Once I had finished up on the bike and her movie had ended, she requested a bath. I utilized that for some core work and (much neglected) stretching. Gah….anyone else struggle fitting that in?! So important and the first thing I skip when time gets short…and even if I have the time! Better…I will be better.


I do love my new Lucy yoga pants though…even when they are awkwardly bunched at the knee.

Post workout-time to ice the foot. Thinking I have some extensor tendonitis or strain going on so I am taking it easy on foot movements to see how that goes. It doesn’t hurt on the bike, so I am enjoying the riding before I try hitting up running again.

Yes, I need to paint my toe nails. It has been MONTHS. Procrastination at its finest….also, not quite sandal weather yet 😉


Noosa…does a post workout snack get any better? Swoon. This flavor=the best.


Currently reading: 10 Ways to Immediately Improve on the Bike. Then maybe I will have to go hop on the trainer again. Though, I dont think that many of them apply to indoor riding 😉

Happy almost Friday!!

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