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Random Wednesday

on March 23, 2017

Howdy! Hope you all had a stellar Wednesday.

Kind of a lazy hang out at home day over here. Getting random things done and such.

First…tragically, my wedding ring has broken. Okay, dont worry, it isn’t my REAL wedding ring. The husband and I rock Qalo Silicone wedding bands. With all of the outdoor playing and working out that we do, we find it safer to wear these than our good rings. It used to be that we would wear them during the summer, but with all of the on and offs of gloves, it has kind of become an all the time thing. Time to order a new one!


This morning, I opted to wash my over the island lights. We are going to install a hood later this summer to help decrease some of the residue, but for now I just wash them every few months. See that dirty one?! It was so stuck that it took me 30 minutes and 3 tools before I got it down and cleaned. #nevergiveup It would have driven me NUTS to have one that was dirty.

IMG_1464 (2)

My “brass” anniversary gift for the husband finally made it! Bottle opener for his shop. Success.


I’m sorry, probably had enough of this…but SERIOUSLY….the melting!!


We couldnt see the bottom of the wood pile 2 days ago.


This guy….the life.


Just a little trainer time since it was windy all day. One hour of base. Good times.


Okay, her game needs a little work. errr…..


Other than a walk to the mailbox it was rather excitement-less over here today.

Making it more exciting my throwing in some Big Little Lies tonight….anyone else watching?? Intense!!!!

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