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And Just Like That, SPRING.

on March 20, 2017

Oh hey, Monday. Back again so soon?

You could have taken your time a bit more.

But alas, we shall take you.

At lease we have the weekend to look back on and smile.

Our weather was pretty amazing here this weekend. We saw upper 50s/low 60s and mostly sun. It was fantastic.

On Saturday, I did some weeding in our planter beds in the morning. Kind of hard to believe. I really wasnt expecting to see them for a while. The husband watched the kiddo while I headed out for 10 miles. First double digit run in about a month. I felt that, too. Managed to hover around an 8:30 min/mile pace. It was mostly comfortable. I had to stop a couple times to grab some food (I have to stop running at lunch time!) and to stretch out some stiff muscles. All in all, I was just stoked to be wearing a SKIRT and TANK TOP. Say what?!


After stopping off at home for a few more hours of yard work and lunch, the husband was interested in going out for a ride. He invited us girls and we were more than happy to accommodate! Plus, he pulled the trailer…so I think I won! Fifteen and a half miles of gravel road goodness. Thanks, love!


But seriously though…grass?!


I am pretty sure we will be seeing some Spring blizzards….but we will take this for now.


The husband brought these trail runners home for Brooke. I die.


Sunday, we did the Church thing and afterwards headed up the mountain for a Church picnic. It was a nice little rest day!

Monday has brought a day of errand running and a visit to the pool. We lucked out in that we made it to the pool while it was beautifully sunny. This afternoon has brought in some glad cover. Not quite as spectacular, but still warm!

We ventured out for a super easy 3.5 mile jog. Made the pup extra happy.


What up flowing river?!


Brooke decided that she wants to be my personal photographer. I better learn to not look so crazy. Honestly, I was pretty sure she was just taking a picture of my feet. Color me impressed.


He wasn’t thrilled with me making him sit still.


And, of course, we had to stop for every beaver dam.


Not too bad for a Monday. Tired legs today mean some quality time with the roller later on! So romantic!

Also, huge shout-out to my sister who ROCKED the LA Marathon this weekend and knocked 14 minutes off of her PR. That’s HUGE!! Congrats, Alle!!

FullSizeRender (17)

Yes, her pictures are far more artsy and creative than mine. Judge away 😉

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