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Snow Melt and Wind

on March 17, 2017

Happy day.before.Friday!

That’s really what Thursday is all about, right? A stepping stone to the weekend?

Not going to lie, I currently wish I was the dog. It is a hard life that he leads-going from playing to sleeping (eating) and repeat. Ruff.


This morning we hit up town for some ballet. Pretty sure that everyone and their mother is here for Spring Break or something. Town is busy! Joys of living in a vacation destination.

Luckily, it seemed that everyone was exploring the sights and we had the playground to ourselves. First playground trip of the year. Scenery didnt disappoint!


It is amazing how much her coordination has advanced over the winter. Crazy how you notice things like that after not seeing a park for almost 4 months!


Water was a bit, er, chilly!IMG_1433

Once we finished up at the park and running some errands, we came home and played outside for a bit longer (because you have to when it is 55 degrees and sunny!). The wind started up (of course, because I had planned to run in the afternoon) so I procrastinated a bit before heading out for 3 miles. It was an interesting run (30+ mph winds). I felt like I was flying while going with the wind and then thought I was going to die once I turned back into it. Looked something like 7:14 min/miles and 9:15 min/miles. Brooke opted to play at home so I just ran laps by the house. Didnt miss the jogger on that run!  So far I am 11 miles into running this week-doesnt seem like a lot, but this girl is still working on building miles. Trying to build a bit faster since I am supposed to run a marathon in less than 3 months. No biggie.

Weird…do you see all of that brown stuff?! That is dirt. More and more is showing up everyday…and we have a river down our road! That makes running even more exciting. Dirty legs.all.the.time. Yum.


Time to head into the kitchen to start dinner. We used to eat at 6, but this time change and the husband working late has been pushing things back this week! I am not starving. Gotta get to it!

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