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First Ride Outside (with Brooke) for the Year!

on March 15, 2017

Early Spring? No complaints over here! Yes, I do realize that we will get hammered by a few more snow storms….BUT we can see our whole driveway today! Haven’t seen the whole thing since November.

Let’s rewind to this morning, shall we?

I am totally terrible at drinking water. Anyone else hate the taste of water? So, today, I decided to give myself some incentive. I shoved (sounds classy, yeah?) 2 but lemons into this infused pitcher and I must say, I have been drinking water! It’s the little things! I figure, with training, I had better hop onto the water train sooner rather than later. (The fact that it is warm outside made it a bit easier too).


These just screamed SPRINGTIME to me yesterday and I couldn’t resist!


Some anniversary gifts…8 years=Bronze

From my sister: (her style>mine) I need her to come decorate my whole house.


From my parents: (cuteness)


This morning, I was feeling my 2 days (IN A ROW) of running and opted into some much needed yoga (thanks to and their free online classes!). I felt so much better afterward. It is amazing what 25 minutes can do.


Oh hey, there is that Spring like weather that I was talking about!!


Just some melting snow!


I convinced Brooke (or bribed her with a dip in the hot tub) that we should try out her new bike trailer from Weehoo. It is pretty much awesome and I plan to write about it more after we try it out a few more times. There is a bit of a learning curve, but I think we will get the hang of it pretty quick.

Had to say hi to these guys too! (See that dirt)


She liked it a lot!



Nothing quite like an open road and some high quality sunshine. So much happy!!! 8.4 miles of cruising and getting to know our new set up!


Guess I better make good on my  word and take the kid in the hot tub. Twist my arm!


Enjoy your Wednesday! One day closer to Friday. :-*

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