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Fruitful Fruita

on March 13, 2017

Anyone else rockin’ a workout hangover today?? {Raised hand}

What a weekend! I am completely in denial that it is Monday 😛

Last Friday, after the husband finished up at work (around 3:15), we loaded into the truck and pulled the trailer to Fruita, CO. Fruita is just West of Grand Junction and just before you venture into Utah. It is high desert and is much warmer right now than our house. We made it to the campground around 6:40 and heated up some dinner. The kiddo was pretty tired and crashed around 7:30 (I think she was just excited about camping). The husband and I got to enjoy hanging out by the campfire. Zero complaints.

On Saturday morning, my sister in law and I headed out for some sweet single track riding. I hadnt exactly seen dirt, let alone ridden on anything technical since November. It took a little while to get into the swing of things, but by mid-day, I was having a blast and riding things that I never thought I could. My sis-in-law, btw, is a complete bad ass on a bike, so keeping up is always a challenge for me! Couldnt complain about the 70 degree weather and these views though!




We got in about 14 miles before heading back and letting the guys go out. It worked great to swap the kiddo with the husband and my s-i-l’s hubby!


Whiles the guys rode, the girls enjoyed the indoor pool (okay, hot tub for me! I am a wuss about cold water). Brooke had a blast swimming with Errin though!

On Sunday, we suffered through the Daylight Savings change. BLECH!!! Since Errin and Colin had a longer drive and wanted to get on the road around noon, I sent the 3 of them out to ride while I played with Brooke and Jasper. Once they got back, the husband spent 40 minutes riding with me while they got changed and ate lunch (and watched the B). Ken headed back to let them head home and I finished up another 2 laps of a loop before finishing with about 12 miles.





Rarely get to ride with this guy, such a treat!!



Riding with both my guys!!

Post-ride, I made a sandwich and we were home before 5! Just in time to hit the hot tub and make some dinner before crashing on the couch. It was an amazing weekend and we cannot wait to do it again soon!

Today has involved mostly unloading the trailer and doing dishes and laundry. Uber thrilling. I managed to sneak out for a 3 mile run to shake out some of my soreness (havent ridden like that in a while!). 3 miles at an 8:40 pace thanks to 200 feet of uphill 😉 Running at home is never flat!

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