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Tank Top and Ski Pants Kind of Day

on March 10, 2017

Just popping in for a quick hello as I frantically work on getting laundry finished and food prepped to go camping! Is it just me or is the first trip of the year the hardest? I feel out of practice and absolutely know that I am going to forget something. Important. Like Brooke.

Anyways, how is your day?? So close to Friday, yeah?!?!

We started out the morning with a ballet class (Brooke, not me). That would be pretty funny. I am pretty sure that I couldnt manage to get my legs into first position. Maybe that means I need to stretch more.

This afternoon, I attempted to blow some snow off of the driveway. Typically this is not a problem, BUT it has been so warm that much of the snow has melted. That has left this weird transition on the sides of the driveway. HUGE snow banks, but dirt and rock. Dont want the rock in the blower so it took some major man-handling to stay on the snow. My arms are toast.


Such a beast


The trailer will make that turn, right?

Not sure what color the truck is today. Nice shade of muddy road? Also…camping firewood!


Didnt complain about the 50 degree weather!! So gorgeous!!


Those are the Zirkels. They are amazing. I cannot wait to explore them this summer. Whilst carrying my bear spray 😉  Please note…tank top and sports bra! I had ski pants on because those go well together, yeah?


Post-upper body workout, I hit up the trainer for 50 minutes of spinning (mainly because that is the time I could justify). Grabbed a quick shower and am now going to throw some dinner together and gets to packing!

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