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Hittin’ the Road

on March 10, 2017

Whelp, we are about to hit the road for greener pastures, errr, warmer temperatures?

This morning has been filled with all sorts of food prep and last minute packing. I dont like to spend a lot of my camping time dealing with food, so I try to make as much as possible at home so I can just relax and reheat things when we get there!


Sideways picture. Face palm. BUT….Those are the makings of Shepherd’s pie (first time making and eating one!) and a giant pot of steak soup. All the smells.

While everything was cooling (and dishes were done-like to leave a clean house!), I threw on some CAPRIS!?!?! And hit the dirt with Brooke and Jasper. Both are better in car if they get a little outdoor time first. Okay, so am I.


It is 35 degrees out and I had to pull off my long sleeve top on the jog. I might die this weekend from the heat!


The views really make running easier. Much of the road was firm dirt, but there were a couple of sections of pretty icky mud. We got in 4 miles of pretty easy running. Just under a 10 min/mile pace. I forget how much extra work it is to push the jogger!

Now that we are showered and fed, it is time to finish loading everything up and meet the husband at work!

Have a spectacular weekend! Hope you can get outside!!


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