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Last Day of Ski School!

on March 9, 2017

Wednesday: Check!

Hope you had a stellar hump day. Ours was a bit of a whirlwind over here! Dont worry, I have been checking in on April (the giraffe) and she is still preggo. Did you know that there is a giraffe watch App?! Apparently, there was a limit on users though. Totally missed the boat on that one!

This morning I thought it would be fun to work on getting back into the run routine. It has been about 3 weeks since I have run more than 2 miles?! This was completely unintentional and kind of sad! First, I took a couple days off (or super low mileage for a rest week), then Brooke ended up sick, then she shared with me and BAM here we are 3 weeks later! Why is it soooo hard to get back into running shape? Riding-no problem-take a couple weeks off, hop back on the bike and a few days later it is back to normal. Running, you are hard. I did 3 miles (9:04/mile pace) around the “neighborhood” while Brooke played. I feel pretty good running around close to home if I can keep the house in sight the entire time. It felt like death.

When I got home, it was time to get dressed to head to town. Today was Brooke’s last day of ski school. Where did 10 weeks go?! It was dress up day.IMG_1356


She then had to point out her whiskers to EVERYONE at the grocery store. Perfectly normal.

After some errand running, we popped in to visit the husband. One of the perks of him working in the athletic attire industry (Smartwool, baby! I now have 2 drawers of socks), is that there are these things called Sample Sales. Because Smartwool is owned by the same parent company as Lucy, they sent over some of their samples for employees to check out and buy. I luck out in that I am often times the sample size! Hello, yoga and running pants! Does anyone wear “real” clothes anymore?!


Can we just take a look at this forecast for a second:


We are hoping to make it out to Fruita this weekend for some mtn biking! 70, 67, 69 degrees?!?!?! WHAT!!! I don’t even remember what shorts feel like! Maybe a little excited over here! Gonna just be right here crossing my fingers that everything works out!

And on that note….time to grade some papers….and prep my bike 😉

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