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Confessions of a Work-From-Home-Mom (who lives in the middle of nowhere)

on March 7, 2017

Howdy and happy Tuesday!

Just another day of 30 mph winds over here. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. Literally cannot wait to play outside!

Soooooo, let’s talk for a hot sec about some truths about working from home (with a 3 year old) while living 17 miles from town. To some, it sounds like a dream come true (yes, I am one of them-thank goodness!) and to others, certain death.

While I ADORE living pretty much off the grid (a story all in its own!), it comes with its own perks and challenges.

Here are a few:

1. You still get up early to get in a workout. Yes, I cheat on this one somedays and sneak in a ride on the trainer mid-day or run outside with the BOB or while Brooke is at ski lessons…but the husband and I try to hit the bikes at 5:30 at least a few mornings a week. This helps take the pressure off during the day. Sure, I want to go back to bed after, but a certain 3 year old helps with that!


2. Most days I stay in pajamas far too long (Often they go back on after I ride. Shame.) And if I am not wearing pajamas, the yoga clothes go on. And during winter, they get topped with snow clothes for plowing and blowing snow. Hot mess. Yep. And make up?! HA! Im lucky if I brush my teeth before lunch. Sorry, kid.



3. Working at a desk is laughable. Sure, I would be way more productive, but our office is on the second floor and the kid likes to have me in the same room. There is a lot of grading from the couch or kitchen table. That way I am available for every snack need and get to participate in her storylines. (I also get to catch up on TV that doesnt require 100% attention)-today I finally caught up on the Tokyo Marathon! Can you believe they are going for a sub 2 hour marathon. Insane.


4. In order to be productive and get work done….this happens…


And then there is major clean up at the end of the day! (Okay, not at my house, but that is exactly what it ends up looking like).

5. There is no “running out to the park for an hour”. When you live 30 minutes from town, you become pretty home sufficient. Lots of toys, games, coloring books, FOOD. Brooke and I go to town 1-2 times a week and it is planned around an event. Wednesdays we go to the grocery and she has ski lessons. Thursdays are for ballet and hitting up the pool. We fit in any other errands we may need to run around those events. Yes, it seems crazy but we like it that way! Luckily we have awesome neighbors, so if we need some new faces during the week, we can hang out with them! Also, you get good at planning meals, etc! Cant just “run to the store for butter!”

6. Outside is essential. We have an amazing house and we love it so much…but we NEED fresh air. Days that we get out to play for an hour (5 acres, play set, play house, porch and plenty of dirt roads to ride and run on!) are infinitely easier on everyone! Burn that energy kid (and dog) (and me). We are currently over the crazy winds and are ready to go back to our regularly scheduled amazing weather!

7. You get in your head a little too much. Let’s be honest, that is a long time with not a ton of interaction. Sometimes I think about things way too much-and then that leads to insomnia and more thinking. Vicious cycle!

8. You look at social media-probably too much. Then see number 7. It is easy to just click the app open on the phone throughout the day. I need better will power.

9. You snack. A lot. Okay, this one is not all my fault. I am pretty sure that most kiddo’s favorite phrase is “I need a snack!” Yes, this drives me insane. And yes, I tend to snack with her. Only slightly problematic. And it means that I better keep training so I dont gain 400 pounds. It is okay to eat 1/4 of a pan of brownies as long as you have carrots too, right?


10. You can recite many kid shows and movies. While I try to limit how much TV/movie time Brooke has, it is often playing in the background. She likes to have noise. Even if she has no clue what is going on (while she is doing play dough or coloring or playing with her dollhouse, etc). Drives me a little batty! (Currently listening to Disney Pandora, we have a problem).

11.You blog from the bathroom while your kid plays. Judge away.


But, let’s be honest….along with the challenges come some pretty amazing trade offs!

1. The views. The outdoor space. The privacy. The animals.  The adventure. We love being off the beaten path!


2. I get to spend so much amazing one on one time with the kiddo (and the dog!). They say to enjoy them while they are young and you can. Brooke is just amazing. She currently likes to push some buttons, but I wouldnt change her in any way.



3. Any day is a good day to do laundry or clean the house! We just plan accordingly.

4. You save on things like make up, clothes and things you dont really need. This is a love/hate one for my husband. Ha. Sorry, Ken 😉

Okay, so that is a little peak into our world! Time go grab her out of the bath and start some dinner prep!

2 responses to “Confessions of a Work-From-Home-Mom (who lives in the middle of nowhere)

  1. Lindsay says:

    So jealous that you live in Steamboat. My parents own a condo in Steamboat and actually just came home from being there for 3 weeks. I am hoping to get to the mountains in September because it turns cold again. Do you guys have a favorite time of the year?

    • LeeAnn says:

      We LOVE Steamboat! Such an awesome mountain town (where the people are so nice and still real). I would have a hard time picking a favorite time of year. We love them all. Winter was surprisingly wonderful. So much to do!

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