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Windblowing Monday

on March 6, 2017


Happiest of Mondays! We have had gnarly winds (30+ mph gusts) and blowing snow since last night. Pretty much hiding inside today. Spring, where did you go?!

Friday and the weekend came with much nicer weather. For that, I am thankful!

Brooke and I enjoyed some quality time in the snow on Friday. 40ish degrees and sunny! BAM. We did some skiing around the yard..


Girl is getting some skills! And then made a snowman and had a snowball fight. What every Friday should be made of.

This weekend, the husband and I spent a good amount of time unloading, cleaning and reloading our new (to us) toy trailer. We organized, he wired things and washed all of the pots/pans, dishes, etc. We are hoping to sneak out of town this weekend to hit up some mountain biking (on dirt!)

Since we were pretty busy on Saturday, workouts took a back seat. We managed to make it out for a little skiing.


So rough to be her



Ken got crafty. Works amazing!



These views!


Pretty sure the dog has the most fun



Yes, that is our “neighborhood”. All 3 houses!

Sunday came with more cleaning and some productivity.  I opted out of my run this weekend since I am still recovering from being sick. Instead, I hoped on my mountain bike and took advantage of the fact that our road was down to dirt and got in about 18 miles. It was nice to be on 2 wheels and actually be moving! So much trainer riding (including today!). It was a blast!

Tomorrow is looking like more nasty weather, so we are looking at two inside days. Only makes us a little crazy. Really, we are ready for Spring (or at least sunshine!).

Good luck making it through your Monday! Almost there!!

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