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Costco, Rest week, Still winter

on February 27, 2017

Last Monday, Brooke (Jasper-because he doesnt like to be left out) and I made the journey to Costco. Costco used to be a weekly thing for us, but since we live about 2 hours aways now, we try to hit it up every 2-3 months or so (or if we happen to be down on the Front Range!). We did some damage (thankfully it only happens every 2 months, right?) and fitting everything in the car became a little challenging! Thank goodness for the roof box!

I ended up finding a heater for the porch and since we had the giant cooler in the back of the car, the heater had to go in the back seat. Jasper got to ride shotgun. ha.



The entire trip from leaving the driveway to everything unloaded and put away took just under 8 hours. Yes, I was exhausted! The best part is-even though it is a 2 hour trip each way, it is really the middle of nowhere. Saw maybe 10 cars on the road….on the way back we got stuck behind a farm truck and trailer and hung out around 25-30 mph for a bit. Other than that, super uneventful trip. Also, Costco is ready for summer. Just throwing that out there, Mother Nature.

Brooke ended up waking up with a fever on Tuesday that lasted for the day (thankfully it was gone the next morning) so we laid low for most of the week. She was back to her crazy self on Wednesday, but we didnt want to get anyone else sick.


Because of the weird week, I took it as a rest week. Hopped on the trainer for an hour Wed, Thurs and Friday, but no running. Went out for 4 easy miles on Saturday. They were kind of terrible. Why do rest weeks feel so hard sometimes?! It was also 12 degrees but felt like 0 because of the wind. Not super easy to run slow when all you want to do is speed up to get warm!

lOn Sunday, we headed to church before some outside playtime! It was pretty chilly (22 degrees), but we set out on cross country skis for about an hour and 15 minutes. Ken pulled Brooke in a sled (I would seriously die) and we took Jasper and neighbor dog with us. I think the pups had the BEST time of all! We quickly followed the workout up with a dunk in the hot tub 😉


I have realized that I need to throw a third day of running into my week. As I have been building miles, I can feel the fact that I need a little more spaced out run time. Soooo…this morning I jogged a whole 2 miles (before winter showed up with force-literally blowing snow-sideways). They were two easy miles that allowed me to drop a card in the mailbox while Brooke hung out playing. After grabbing a quick snack, I hopped on the trainer for an hour of base spinning while Brooke worked on Pre-school work. Going to try to fit in 20 minutes of yoga this afternoon (in between grading and emails and play dough and bathtime). Never a dull moment!

Random: Is anyone else following the Giraffe in New York? Live video feeds of a preggo giraffe. I seriously check on her too many times a day. Going to be exciting to hopefully catch the birth…or at least see the baby after!! You are welcome (for making you crazy!)

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