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Valentine’s Play

on February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you are spending it with someone special (dogs count!).

My Valentine’s Day started out with some quality time with the husband in the basement. Sounds romantic, huh?! We did about 50 minutes on the bike trainers so we wouldn’t have to tonight đŸ˜‰ Side of Covert Affairs for good measure! Seriously, cannot get enough!

Brooke and I spent some time playing outside today, because, you know, it is warm!



Photo cred: Brookeimg_1202

Seriously though, our snow is MELTING. I could ride my fat bike across the yard because it is so hard at this point!


This weekend, my in-laws were in town. Saturday I hopped on the trainer because our weather was wet-snowy. And the roads were muddy! Had no desire to recreate the crash scene from last weekend…but needed to get some alone time on the bike.

Sunday, after church, I got dropped off at the end of the dirt road and ran home (had to add a little detour to get my 12 miles). I was HANGRY by the time I made it home. Partly because I needed food and partly because Strava did this to me! (my watch said 12.01 miles. Thanks for that!)


Since the fam was heading out on Cross Country skis, I shoveled some food into my mouth and snapped mine on for 2.2 more miles and 40 minutes. Ken pulled Brooke behind him in  a sled. He is amazing!

Jasper thought it would be fun to wear my headband. Okay, he hated me for it.


Glad that I rode this morning, because Brooke and I got a little crazy with the Valentine’s business. Hello empty calories, get in my belly!!


Random side note: Tried Blue Apron!

Pros: Easy to figure out, delicious (really loved the flavors and ideas), made me excited to try new things.

Cons: Prep does NOT take the 15 minutes that it says it will! Or I just really suck at cutting things up! A bit more expensive than our usual dinners, quality seemed okay but we tend to do organic, which I do not think it is.

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